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Body Proportion Ratios?


Is there some sort of formula which gives u proper body proportions for height weight etc..

Lets say im 5'9, 200lbs, with 10% body fat, and have 17.5" upper arms is there a formula that would then give me my forearms, waist, chest, leg size etc..?


Here's a simple formula for a symetrical physique: Your neck, upper arms, and calves should all measure about the same.


Ellington Darden had a interesting chart in one of his newer articles here. You can find his thoughts there although be warned he is very old school in his thoughts.





Yeah, I always ascribed to that too,.. I think Steve Reeves' measurements were all 19", and he looked pretty balanced. Of course if you think about the 'DROP' in men's dress suits, it's 9". So if you have a 48" jacket, your matching pants would be 39"... which would obviously make you a damn fat bastard in my book -lol