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Body Parts You DON'T TRAIN


Is there any bodyparts you don't train for bodybuilding? For example abs and forearms.


I don't train my phantom limb... because of, you know... missing it.

For example abs and forearms are trained indirectly if you don't train them directly. Which parts do you train?




I've never isolated my Tibialis Anterior, or my face- our gym doesn't have any plate/ dumbbell/ cable attachment for it


You're missing out on something. I've been following Jack Nicholson's training program for the last year and I'm pleased with the results.


Never specifically trained my feet in the dorsiflexion movement with weights......

I train my face (jaw) by eating constantly :slight_smile:


I've never trained my sphincter.


People underestimate the functionality of having strong ear lobes.


I've been doing lingua curls after realising those muscles were sorely neglected.

Chicks appreciate it. :wink:


Haven't trained? Actually I've honestly never trained my tongue, true story - I lied above.


Clearly you haven't been training your brain very often...gotta get that mental sweat on brah


I never directly train forearms, unless hammer or pinwheel curls count, and I wouldn't say my forearms are lagging.


My obicularis oculi don't get a whole lot of reps most days.


I try to avoid training alogether.

My brother works out and I borrow his muscles when he isnt using them.


Perineum - not really a showy area for fellas so I forego direct training!

Chicks on the other hand mmm...


u guys workout?


Whateva ya do dont neglect your fingerin finger

2 Sets of super slow reps of nose picking to groove the movement pattern

followed by...

3 Sets of vigourous arse picking to failure for da pump


Come on, now. You don't need no fancy equipment for that shit.


I think I have the only serious reply in the thread. T-Nation always delivers.


Tmuscle has been comedy central since I first arrived. I suspect it's been like this for quite some time.


I do calves about once every 3 months. I run and stairclimb a few times a week though.

I do lateral raises bout twice a year, but I'm sure my lateral deltoids still get worked when I do my presses.

Never done any neck stuff.