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Body Parts Once Per Week vs More


Just curious as to everyone's thoughts on training body parts once per week vs. twice per week...or thrice or whatever your fancy is. These forums seem to be a lot more science based than most, so I'd like to hear the reasoning behind why too. I've been training everything once a week for years and have made drastic improvements, but in my quest I'm always searching for what is most efficient. Recently started trying to do everything twice in an 8-day cycle, which raises another question. If a week were 8 (or 6 or 9 or 23) days long instead of 7, would your split be different?

Other than work schedules and just the sheer time requirements, what's the science for recovery times and protein synthesis? I've been reading that it falls off drastically after 48-72 hours, so training everything once a week is losing out on 3-4 days of potential growth. Is it all genetics and diet and rest based, or what else is involved? I haven't been doing the new 8-day cycle long enough to determine results yet so I'm not sure if I like it or not...seems to take longer in the gym though, and since duration and intensity are inverse correlations, it would seem it's a negative thing though. Your thoughts?


There really is no blanket statement anyone can make in terms of “You should train everything once ever 6 days” because it depends on a number of factors:

-Your training goals (Body building, pure strength, Sport specific, endurance, a specific lift for a competition, etc…)

-Your genetics (Can you recover in 3 days? Does it take a week? Do you need to bring up lagging body parts?)

-Your life (are you only able to get to the gym 3 days a week? Working 60 hours a week? Sleeping 5 hours a night?)

The list goes on and on. The world of BBing has seen TREMENDOUS success with training a body part once every 7 days. There are also many people who have had success with training 6 days a week hitting everything twice (Look up the “Big Beyond Belief” thread)

I know this is not a satisfying answer, but you may have to try out a program for 6-12 months and see how it works for you to know how YOU personally react to it.

Body building is a LIFETIME endeavor, there is plenty of time to try out different methods (in fact, its the ONLY way to make sure you are training optimally for your unique genetics), just make sure to give them ample time to work. When you are 50 years old and have been training for 30 years, the fact that you spent a year trying a new method wont amount to a hill of shit in the end even if it yielded absolutely no gains (which is damn near impossible if you eat and train hard)


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my fav thread on this site