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Body Part Split


I have been doing Waterbury's full body routines for a while now and am pleased with the results. However, I am looking to change things up a bit and start a good body part split that does not mimic the massive volume posted in muscle magazines. I should mention my goals are just mass. Anyone have any suggestions?


Why do you want to change if you're pleased with the results ???


I would go to an upper/lower routine a la Westside if I were you. You might think its only for powerlifters, but I have gained much much more mass on it then I have on any program where hypertrophy was the main goal (including whole body programs). The gains in terms of strength are really astonishing too.


I agree with Kombatathlete, very true.


any program specifically


from westside that is


Westside doesn't have a specific program but they usually train 4 days a week with two ME days (one for upper and one for lower) and two DE days (one for upper and one for lower)

PM me your email address and I can send you a few spreadsheets.


If looking for hyptertrophy it is common to replace DE with RE (repitition effort) days.




I like the vertical push/pull, horizontal push/pull, legs split. This has been working well for me, and you get a bit of a bonus due to the whole antagonist activation thing.


Now for more specifics. Try Westside for Skinny Bastards II with a second leg day added, or any Westside template variation with a RE exercise instead of DE (thats all WSSB II basically is anyway). On RE day I sometimes like to work up to a 10-12RM instead of repetitions as high as Joe DeFRanco uses. Its also great for learning good form on new exercises at near failure, in my case the Olympic Squat. If you choose WSSB II do an RE exercise then just 2 assistance exercises for the legs with higher reps then some ab/grip work.


I'll give some info actually directly related to your question.

Check out Christian Thibaudeau's HSS-100 ... I also think some of his other training articles are body part split-ish