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Body Part Split?


I've been training for 3 years on and off. I've done the basics: bench, chins, squats, deads, rows, etc...

Some of my previous bests:

Squat: 315
Bench 235
Dead: 300
Chins: BW + 45 for reps

As of right now, my numbers are significantly lower because I didn't take my training seriously for the past 1.5 years and did not commit.

I would consider my exercise technique in all of these lifts to be excellent.

One of my goals is to build a balanced "bodybuilder" physique and put on as much muscle as I can.

My question is... should I eventually employ a "bodybuilder" body part split into my training?


If so... at what point in my training career would I be ready for this?

I've always been told that performing a body part split (ie: chest day, back day etc...) does not yield the best results as an upper/lower body day or total body workouts, yet bodybuilders train in a body part split program?


I started on body part splits and it yielded pretty good results and its worked for lots of successful bodybuilders. Whatever receives priority in your training is where you’re going to grow. If you want a balanced bodybuilder physique, your programming should prioritize your lagging body parts.