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Body Part Split Help


i've decided to try a body part split routine for a while. monday chest, tuesday back, thursday shoulders, friday legs for example.
looks like a lot of people have had good results with that.

m y question here is, what would be a good program? i mean, what days should i do what exercises....what should the order of the exercises look like and what should be my sets/reps for each exercise?
would be great if someone could help me with that.

goals are pretty much strength and size. size maybe first.



When in doubt stick with compounds, rep ranges somewhere between 3-10 (closer to 3 for strength, and closer to 10 for size). I like the first exercise to be a strength rep zone followed by 2 or 3 more exercises that are more in the hypertrophy range (6x4 then 4x10.

Good luck!



  1. Review articles under Articles -> Training.
  2. Start with your compounds and CNS intensive stuff first.


Don’t shoot me, but this is a story of my friend who is now a bodybuilder in Melbourne. When he started to put on loads of muscle this is what he did:
5 day split
compound, isolation, isolation
reps of 16
sets of 3

compound, compound, isolation
reps of 9
sets of 5

He went from 85kg to 110kg of lean muscle in 25 weeks. Although he also made eating a full time hobby lol. 2xLBM* of protein, 2xLBMof carbs and 1xLBM of fats.

  • he always calculated his lean body mass as being 5kg heavier than he actually was. Also LBM in lb, the carbs, fats and prot are in grams

I haven’t tried it myself, but I saw the improvements with him. I don’t have the same goals as him but I’m going to implement some of his ideas into my next training plan.


If you REALLY think that it’s physically possible for a human-being to gain 25KG! of muscle in 25 weeks, you are SERIOUSLY distorted, man. :wink:


He must be genetically gifted, yes, but its true, I saw the difference. He started at the start of the year, by 3rd term he was weighing 120-something kg. He was chubby yes, but when he cut down to about what bf% he started on he was 108kg, so sorry I lied, yes 5lb does make a difference, but the point it still stands, it worked for him, and I will give it a shot myself. He started at about 13-14%bf, is now hitting 10%


Only thing I would add to the above post is to use rest-pause for the first compound exercise and bring the weight up as high as possible with that exercise.

After you stall switch to a similar exercise and do the same.

As a beginner to splits I personally liked the old 3 day split per week (have weekends off)

Day 1
Legs, Calves

Day 2
Chest, Shoulder, Tricep

Day 3
Back, Bicep, Calves


No, you don’t understand. It’s not within the nature of our species, the homo sapiens, to have the ability to gain 25kg og lean muscle in 25 weeks. Gaining 1kg of weight pr week, is not that hard, but lean muscle? If this were true, your friend would be a medical marvel and the world would be standing gasping at his feet. You won’t be able to gain 25kg of lean muscle in 25 weeks, a full year, or two years for that matter.

You should be as lucky as to gain a few kgs A YEAR. If you do that, you’ve done a good job. This is just waaaay out there. You need to read a little bit, man. You’ll soon realize how crazy it is to state that someone is able to gain almost a 1kg of lean muscle in just 7 days.

Again, not possible no matter how genetically gifted you are.


‘Is there such thing as “fatty muscle”? Fat is fat and muscle is muscle, so “lean muscle” is redundant, as redundant as saying “fatty fat”’ - vegsource.com

He gained lean muscle and fatty fat, he put on 15 kg of fat along with his muscle. Zac is relatively weak for the amount of muscle he has, he is only just benching his bodyweight. So even though he is big, he isnt strong.I wont bother citing more on this, I was just saying that what he did was effective for him.
I was asking for comment on the 3x16 comp/iso/iso 5day split idea. Seeing if anyone else has done it.