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body part : once or twice a week???

From what I have experienced and read and from using Shawn Phillips Powerbuilding Program; it seems that volume and intensity are two variables that effect whether you can train a bodypart once a week or twice a week or more. In general, the more sets you do for that bodypart in one session, the more days you need for recovery of that bodypart.
Anyone else have an informed opinion here?


I’ve had great results working everything twice a week. For example, I’d do bench press 4x4-6 on Monday, and dips 4x4-6 on Thursday. If you only do 2 sets, you could probably work the muscle 3 times a week (HST).

Ever notice how after only doing low reps/high weight for a while, people don’t like going back to high reps? That’s how I feel about working body parts twice a week. After getting such good results from it, I never want to go back to everything once a week.