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body part : once or twice a week???

I am trying to gain mass, do I train body parts once or twice a week? I used mag-10 and was training twice a week (3 days on, 1 off) and made some great gains, but then i see people training body parts only once a week.

What do you guys say about this, would I make better gains working out a body part once a week?any article here I can read about this.

thanks a lot!


Good question. I suspect there is no one answer.

I find that it depends on how much I’ve been working out. I try to train three/four days a week depending on how I’m feeling. I hit each body part once a week. I was doing four days a week with a upper lower split training twice a week but since I’m a really hard gainer I have switched down to once a week. If I do a fourth day I do a full body workout with lower loads and/or more extensive cardio. If I’m just off a break twice a week for each part works but once a week is better (for mass gains) after I’ve been going at it for a few months.

I suspect that as one gets better at this stuff your capacity for recovery allows one to train more effectivly with a 2 times a week routine.

The best thing I’ve done for my training was to buy BRAWN. Best damned book I’ve read on training. Squats man, it’s all about Squats.

3dmuscle keep an open mind and do some searches on routines. Your going to see a lot of different information out there. No matter what you choose your going to need to keep changing things up to keep making progress, that much i think most people would agree with. This whole iron game is a vast sea of information so try your best not to get too overwhelmed.

Personally, I have had much better results training each muscle group twice a week.

Twice, there is no question… especially if you are an athlete. Keep this in mind, the russians (best powerlifters) do some form of squat 4 days a week.

This is such a personal question. Everyone is different and has a different opinion. For general purposes or if you’re maintaining, once per week is probably fine. If you need to prioritze a bodypart, the more work the better, so try for two. If your recovery is not impeded and you enjoy training, why not go for a little more per week, but watch for signs of overtraining.

Age is also a factor. Obviously, the older you get, the longer time required for recovery, and the easier it is to overtrain. Listen to what your body tells you, and go with that.


Working out = Stress
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Strength/Hypertrophy routines should take into consideration all aspects of your life. Humans can only handle X-amount of stress before we’re buried by it, and things turn ugly.

What does your weekly schedule look like?