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Body Part-A-Day Training?

What do you guys think about body part-a-day training? I feel I can concentrate more on each muscle group with the following type split:


plus 30 min cardio after each session. The only problem I seem to experience is scheduling off days.

Funny you mention this…because that’s exactly what I’m going to do after my current 4-week 5x5 training regimen is over.

For the previous 12 weeks I was doing split routines 3 times per week. Each workout contained close to 30 sets total, and by the end my concentration and strength were shot. Thus, I didn't really get a good workout on the bodypart that happened to get trained last.

I think that one body part per day is a good idea. You'll be at the gym more often, but your workout time will be cut significantly.

split legs into a squat day and a deadlift day. work around these 2 excercises while adding bench and row. You really don’t do your body justice by doing legs on one day. Besides you should get blasted big time from the deadlifts. I suggest you schedule a day off right after your deadlift workout. Good luck. laters pk