body opus

I just finished reading Dan Duchaine’s Body Opus , A little late than never Eh> has any one used the diet and if so what can I expect.

Are you planning on totally following it?
Including the carb meals every four hours?

It’s a bit outdated, and for the majority of us the amount of carbs recommended for the carb-up is way too high. Plus, prepare to be very irritable getting up every 2-2 1/2 hours carbing up.

Personally the T-dawg plans worked just as well for me and I would start here if you haven’t already…otherwise look into Lyle McDonald’s Ketogenic diet. I fared much better on his plan as it’s much more detailed, plus his carb-up approach worked perfectly due to the lower amount and shorter duration than BO. Basically it was fairly high carbs for the first two meals, then a much lower amount for the next ten meals.

If you have really good insulin sensitivity you might be able to handle the higher carb intake for the carb-up, and with the arrival of r-ala this may dramatically enhance results, but for most of us “less is more.”

Good luck!

I have done it a few times and for me it was the best diet program I ever did. I retained the most muscle on this diet and lost the most fat on this diet than any other. You might have to tweak it a little to fit your body, like the carb up for instance. There is no reason to turn your life upside down to carb up every 2 hours, I just took an extra day to do it. Sometimes I also stayed in ketosis and extra day so it was more like a 6 and 3 plan. For me the key that made it effective was getting into ketosis. A lot of people will argue and say you don’t need to get into ketosis for low carb diets to work, but I have to disagree. I’ve done other low carb diets before and I felt I burned more fat when I entered ketosis and more importantly I felt that ketosis was anticatobolic and hepled me retain almost all my muscle. Even Duchaine says in the book that ketosis is anticatobolic and I believe it, at least for myself.

Love the diet but I find the metoblic diet to be a little better.

I have never seen Lyles’ book but I heard he has the best keto book on the market. Lyle from what I understand is a guy who studied a lot of Duchaine did then he improved it later on.

You don’t need carbs for energy!

My advice would be pretty much what Monty Ritchie said. Lyle vastly improved on many of Ducaine’s ideas especially where the carb-up is concerned.

Jackass, you don’t need carbs for energy? Maybe it’ll work for a sedentary person, but it won’t for a highly active person such as practically every athlete I can think of that competes in an event that lasts longer than a few seconds. The diet has to reflect the neeeds of the individual. I’d like to see a football player be successful on a ketogenic diet.

Chucky P had everyone on the NHL team he was training on a keto diet!

doogie the body opus doesn,t work that way sunday through thursday it is essentially zero carbs. on friday, post workout then you carb up and allow carbs until sunday again. and yes I am totally following it including the MCT’s and the vanadyl at night and yes it makes you feel like shit. I am stuck at about 10% and no way am I staying there, thanks

Monty thanks for the Lyle Ritchie, info, I’ll check him out for now I’ll give Duchaine another two weeks, thanks to everyone for the posts,

If you do stall on the bodyopus diet, you will likely need to shorten the carb up. Good luck


I know the diet isn’t like that during the week, but the weekend carb up was about 90% of the premise. Supercompensation.

I’ve used it several times, and had great results even when not carbing up exactly as written.