Body Opus Training Techniques

Firstly, a big thumbs up to the folks who make the forumn possible.
Secondary, has anyone out there used the Body Opus training techniques (Monday/Tuesday Upper/Lower & Friday’s total body) for any length of time (4-12 months) and found it affective in comparison to “taditional” training i.e 4-5 days a week - hard out.
I’ve just started on the Anabolic diet which unlike the Opus regime, doesn’t mention too much in relation to training, whereas the Body pus diet & training are uniquely linked together.
One last comment, has anyone tried the BodyOpus carb intake every 2 hours (thru the night) and recommend this format?

Ya I tried the carb intake every two hours for the first three week but found it to be a MAJOR pain in the ass! I imagine that it would be useful if your like 8% bodyfat and getting ready for a photo shoot or contest but I saw no difference. I did drink about 5-6 whey protein and corn sugar drinks on friday and saturday along with anything else I wanted. I did a pretty intense full body workout on sunday around 2 in the afternoon and had one more whey/corn sugar shake right after. Since fat loss was my NUMBER1 goal I ate nothing after that on sunday! I was also bar tending at the time so I found that a few cocktails (straight liquor) after work along with vanadyl sulfate would bring my blood sugar down enough so that I would be in ketosis by noon on monday. during the week I did some sort of low impact aerobic activity and would eat carbs friday morning and THEN go workout doing a full body german volume training session. I found duchaines depletion workout way to long and way to much overkill. I was just as pumped if not more all weekend and didn’t really have to kill myself.

In BodyOpus, I think going heavy is definitely the way to go on monday and tuesday. Personally, I prefer to use high intensity/low volume while I’m on diet, because I find it’s hard to maintain brutal intensity for an hour. The muscles won’t handle it, no matter how much you supercompensated on the weekend. Plus, I normally use much more volume, so the variety is appreciated.
I usually complete the depletion workout in about 75 min. I noticed that when I’m not able to finish it 'till the point of total carb depletion (easy to feel it), there is a subtle difference in the carb up (improved), but not a devastating difference, to be honest.
About eating every two hours while carbing up: my experience is that I tend to create some bodyfar when I eat this way all night. What I do is I eat exactly as Dan indicated while I’m awake, but I only eat 1 meal while sleeping (I set the alarm clock to wake me up 4 hours after I go to bed), using always 0.5 carb grams/Lean Body Weight kgs. Note: I have a serious tendency to gain fat mass very easily.
I find BodyOpus the best diet I’ve ever tried to lose bodyfat, and I’ve tried quite a few. It is common to me to gain some LBM while trimming fat, which is amazing given that I drastically cut my calories (600 under my maintenace, about 2400) from monday to friday.

My experience with Bodyopus, which I’ve followed for several 4 to 6 week dieting cycles, has been very similar to Cpt. Beto’s. I do a high intensity, low volume workout Monday morning, a high intensity, low volume workout Tuesday morning, a depletion workout (5-6 full body circuits) Saturday afternoon, and carb up for 24-30 hours between Saturday and Sunday. I’ve found it to work quite well this way, and the eating every 2 hours during the night while carbing up unnecessary. Good luck with it!

man, i tried the two hour carb ups and they really knocked the crap out of me! it’s really hard to force food down two seconds after you get up, especially high glycemic carbs. i found it really hard on my stomach and i got soft too. i think the high glycemic carb thing shouldn’
t be done for more than 4 hours after the 2 hr depletion workout. i noticed a better pump after switching to a basic 6 meal a day schedule andremember growth hormone levels are at their highest during REM sleep, which is impossible to achieve on two hours sleep. the weekend is for relaxing, not feeling worse. i think the t-dawg diet is better than bodyopus. kudos to the late mr. duchaine for opening the door, but we know more now.