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Body Only Likes One Exercise


I have a problem, i can only do one exercise per bodypart. The one exercise i can do i get in the zone quickly but other exercises i can't progress on because it just feels wrong. For example, for quads i can do front squats but back squats feel awkward. Legpresses feel wrong. Hack sqauts feel weird, etc.

Anyone know why my body is like this? it's honestly irritating.


Awkward as in you don't feel like doing them or not enough energy?


its simple...

you have an extremely highly functional body. Front squats feel great because they're such a functional exercise but hack squats and leg presses feel weird cause those movements didnt naturally occur in the lives of our caveman-paleo ancestors when they were hunting dinosaurs, not directly training their arms and not eating bread.


When i do them i just can't progress at all and feel like shit while doing them.


lol then why don't i can't i deadlift?


Deadlifting isn't functional.. cavemen fireman carried their prey/bitches..


Look at it as an asset at this point. If you're growing stronger and bigger with less, go for it!


You may be on to something here.

OP, try holding a dumbell while balancing on a bosu ball. That will mimic the pre-historic "mammoth surfer" cavemen. They would surf the back of the mammoth and throw rocks at the pussy cavemen on the ground.

You may have come from the very functional mammoth surfer lineage.


Maybe you have tight hamstrings.
Try stretching them out over the next few weeks, see if it helps.


Ahahaha, that mammoth surfer comment.


People who train for aesthetics are horrible human beings.


Then rape those exercises for all they're worth.


Sounds to me like excuses for not putting out on those other exercises, consistently, for months at a time. To honestly think your body just "can't" progress on things like back/hack squats, etc, is just lazy.


sorry for raping the thread current, but where is this from? is a master-piece.


4chan /fit/


lol @ exercise rape


i know it sounds that way but it's not laziness. For example, with front squats i get "in the zone" quickly and easily progress. doing back squats just feels weird and i feel like shit afterword even with light weight.

it's hard to explain. imagine that you could literally do one exercise forever but any other exercise for that body part made you feel like shit.




My thoughts exactly.


I must be missing something? What happened to do what you hate first, hardest, and most?