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Body On A Budget! FSU!!


I just wondered what “corners” everyone here has been able to cut in the quest to save money while “Building a Better Body”.

Im currently in college, and amazingly broke. I teach music(trombone) lessons, which usually pays for groceries and such each week. However, I find myself constantly finding ways to save a couple bucks here and there. I cant afford to eat Chicken/Turkey/Beef at every meal so I rely alot on cheap protein powders and whole eggs. Just wondering what everyone here has sacrificed in order to look great! If anyone here is from Florida State University send me a PM…


This would be a good start. . .

School Days 1 & 2 by Steven Berardi

I know your situation well, as I am also a broke college student.

One food I swear by is canned salmon. I just bought eight cans for a buck each, and each can packs 35g (of mostly good) fats, 0 carbs, and a whopping 84g of protein. Make sure you get the wild salmon, which in my experience, costs no more than the farm variety. I try to restrict myself to around 48 oz of the stuff a week, as I am a little concerned about the mercury content.

Eggs are great for cheap protein.

Brown rice (not the instant crap) and barley are both two good, cheap grains.

In my expereince, fats (even good quality fats) are cheaper than carb and protein rich foods. Olive oil is about as calorie dense a food as you can find. No sugar added peanut butter is great for getting some easy calories in.

When I was at uni I couldn’t afford protein powders so I just logged my intake of natural foods to ensure I was getting enough calories and protein.

Staple meals were: Baked beans and rice. Tuna and celery with low fat mayo, peanut butter on multigrain bread. Lots of eggs, lots of milk.

Meat is very expensive, if you can cut it out whilst still getting enough protein, you’ll save money.

Hi there!
I’m also at FSU – go Noles! … thought I’d respond here, but feel free to drop me a line!

I understand a lot of your problem, though I probably won’t be a lot of help. I’ve never been much of a “partier”… I gave a majority of that up Freshman/Sophomore year. So, I really do budget a large part of my money for Metabolic Drive, Surge, Chicken breasts, etc etc. (My Sam’s membership really helps here, too. I definitely recommend that)

Like I said, I’ve cut out a lot of extraneous costs recently – its been hard, but I guess my priorities shifted. I also work fulltime in addition to going to school, and at one time had two jobs. (So maybe I really just have no time to go out…?) :slight_smile:

In any case, I hear ya! It’s not easy to eat clean, especially as a broke college student. But if it was easy… every idiot would do it.

Speaking of idiots, do you train at the Leach Center? That place really angers me… I’ve been going to Golds more often. I’ll save my rant for another time. :slight_smile:

Good to hear from a fellow 'Nole!

haha, i saw guys at leach doing 1 inch bench press tonight