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Body of FIRE


Hey fellas,

Just started this awesome new program by Chad Waterbury. I am loving it so far...

Has anybody else completed, in progress, or attempting to try out this fat loss workout?


I'm about a week into it. I'm looking for something to add to it, though. I don't want two days off.


You shouldn't have to take 2 days off. If I remember correctly the prescribed schedule is monday, tuesday, thursday, saturday.


No you're right. I'd typically like to take 1 day off, so I didn't count Sunday... But what I meant was, I wish there were 4 and 5 day options too... Or at least suggestions for what might make a good off-days compliment to the program.


what??? thats only 4 days a week right there? That means you're taking 3 days off not 2. Am I missing something?


so... would anyone have any suggestions on what would be a good supplementary routine to accompany Body of F.I.R.E.?


Body of Fire = possibly worst program name ever


Its actually called Body of F.I.R.E.

Its pretty intense and it only going to get uglier as you get into it. If you want to add an arm day or play some sports, I would just enjoy some time off, this looks to be an excellent change of pace for people and after 12 weeks should be in amazing shape, like kickin' ass shape. I could see people burning out if you start to add too much activity, I've been playing basketball and sand volleyball on off days and might throw an arm workout for the pump.

This should cut me dry and afterwards should be a great time to go back to a month of 2 a days.


Yeah, I'm paying basketball, and I'm going to start doing morning swims, too.

How far into it are you?

Are you strictly following the diet? It seems like a LOT of fruit, which is weird, because at one point on his own website, Waterbury suggests in his "Best Core Exercises" article to replace all carbs with veggies. So, it's like wtf, man... why are you telling me on your site to do that, and then in Body of F.I.R.E. telling me to eat effing oatmeal and black beans and fruit three or four times a day?

My weakest parts right now are the burpees and mountain climbers. I know my form on the burpees is horrible, and my speed on the mountain climbers would make a turtle look like a cheetah. It's made me realize even more that I'm just in terrible shape. Hopefully after this I'll be in shape enough to really take on even more. I'm thinking of following this up with Thibaudeau's Get Jacked...fast program.


I believe when I saw that post I assumed he meant 2 days off in a row. Yes it is a total of 3 days off, but I was very surprised at week 1. I'm coming off working out 5 or 6 days per week, so I was curious at first how this might stun my routine. I feel like this program is structured so well you should seriously be fried after every workout no matter how advanced you are. If you aren't then you aren't choosing the appropriate amount of weight or moving fast enough. Every week and every workout gets harder by very smart, basic progression.

An arm workout may be about the only addition you want, but only what you may feel your not workoing out enough. Personally my shoulders felt like they got murdered this week between the one-arm presses, power cleans, ext rotations, side planks, and more. I was like "why are push-ups sooo hard today?!" It was frustrating for sure, so doing excess on off days is probably not recommended as it will stunt your performance the upcoming day.

I play competitive roller hockey myself and have been trying to get more rink time to brush up on my skills because tryouts are coming up, so on friday, in between my 2 workout days I played 2 hours of open hockey. Long story short, on saturday the sprinting aspect of my training was extremely difficult. Lesson learned...


I'm on week 2 and I wish I could go heavier on the combo exercises at the end, but its not possible if I want to finish. I love fruit and am eating lots of it, I try to eat healthy as it is and drink a berry smoothie in the evenings, I am trying to stick to eating the morning/lunch fruits and then the evening fruits.

I'm doing this program with the girlfriend and she is better at these circuits than I am as she has been doing them longer and I'm a bigger guy. After week 1, my metabolism is through the roof and I want to eat everything in site so this is going to be a struggle, but I'm relatively lean so as long as I kick ass at these workouts I'm going to give myself flexability to eat a lot of clean food, a lot!

I've looked at the following phases and phase I looks damn hard, phase 2 takes it up a notch, phase 3 looks like hell. I'm pretty stoked to have my workouts for the rest of the year on paper. This seems to be a great program, days 2 and 4 are short workouts and I feel amazingly energized afterwards. I'm use to taking an unloading or off week after every 4 weeks so not sure if I'm going to throw that in between each phase, I know the program doesn't prescribe it, but it might be a good thing to give the mind a rest and be mentally and physically ready to attack the next phase. Looking forward to my next workout!


That's awesome your doing it with your girlfriend...that's motivation alone. I'm starting week 2 today as well...stay in touch with progress.


Have used it, hurt my achilles and did not lose the fat I wanted to.