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Body of Fire - Early Morning Nutrition

I’m on week 4 of BOF and will have to change my workouts to early morning due to work schedule changes. I know for most of the other programs people are waking up and drinking Surge, hit the weights, and Surge again.

However, with BOF there’s obviously different protocols regarding nutrition and what not. Just seeing if anyone on BOF is doing the Surge, WO, Surge?

4:20a.m. - Wake up, drink Surge?
5:00a.m. - Workout, as much as I can since I’m on a time limit
6:00a.m. - Eat/Shovel food down throat, Shower, Get ready for Work

For me I work overtime on a regular basis so working out after work is nearly not an option if I want to spend time with the family before bed. Shit grueling schedule, I hate work.

Why do you have to wait 40 minutes after waking up before you work out?