Body Needs Rest. Deload/Prehab Day Suggestions?

My training follows no official program, just a 4 day a week upper/lower strength/hypertrophy split that I’ve came up with. On my strength focused days, I work with multiple top sets of singles, doubles, or triples anywhere from 90-95% of my 1RM - which is stupid to do every week, I know, but has been what I’ve done for months without issues. My goal has been to hit 3/4/5 on the main 3 lifts before school starts in September, and being so close makes me really want to push my limits… except I’m feeling the wear and tear. Aches have been piling up, and make me think that maybe I need to back off, but honestly I’ve never really had to deload and I’m not sure what to do. I feel as though every time I lift I need to go 110% in effort to achieve anything, despite it probably being detrimental for my health. Do any of you have a go-to deload / lower CNS stress / recovery workout that you feel is beneficial in supplementation to training?

Thanks much, Tate

Go for a walk. Don’t lift. Lift at 50%. Take a yoga class. Do some steady state cardio.

Options are endless.


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Age ?

How close are you from your goal?

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I’m 19, 6’3", and a touch over 205 lbs.

Bench: 285 a month and a half ago
Squat: 405 but was an inch higher than I would’ve liked to call it
Deadlift: 435 with possible gas left in tank

Maybe my goal is just set too soon, which clouds my judgement - but the numbers just feel so close.

Err… use the info/run through programs off this site??
this a good way to structure things…

Deload: personally take week off heavy lifting and just do couple workouts of machine only/girly moves and stop 2 reps short of failure, then extra stretching and mobility after.

Myself and probably a few others would probably be interested in seeing what your squats look like.

It sounds like you have had to deload.

Find a program by a reputable coach and run it. The program should outline the deload protocol, if it is any good.

You may progress a bit slower but it’s better than fighting tendonitis for 6 months or hurting yourself.

Here’s the 405 - albeit at a bad angle. I’m not a crazy ATG squatter, it’s more comfortable for me to go just a tad past parallel and I’m not sure I quite got it. Perhaps it would’ve been more fluid if I stayed a bit tighter - I had slight APT, hips came up too fast, and my knees shot inwards. Overall I think that’s indicative that my body wasn’t quite ready for this weight.