Body More Prone to Strain Post-Deca? Permanent Issues Post-Cycle

I’ve gone to just about every type of doctor or physical therapist that I can think of in the last year.

It began with a mild strain in my right biceps about a month after coming off of my first test-only cycle in June 2015. I sought physical therapy for treatment and seemed to heal about 90%.

In August, I began a cycle of sust and deca. Mid-cycle, in early October, I not only re-strained my right biceps but strained my left as well. I came off Deca late October, and finished with a couple weeks of cycle-level sust following, I lowered my dosage to cruising range - around 200mg a week and switched to Test-e.

About four weeks after coming off Deca, I noticed my joints start to pop more and connective tissue around joints start to ache. My muscles didn’t feel the same while contracting. The normal, pleasurable pump had turned into a more straining feeling that hasn’t since recovered.

In December, after thoroughly warming up and stretching, I strained both elbows while doing very light skull crushers. Until this point I’d had no history of elbow issues.

Two more physical therapists, three primary care physicians, one orthopedic surgeon, one chiropractor, one rheumatologist, one acupuncturist, three rounds of blood work, three MRIs, one CAT scan, one nerve conduction study and two physicals later…I’d accumulated a chest strain, knee problems and obliques pain all while working out lightly with the encouragement of my doctors…I’d taken two extensive month-long breaks in the process also…months and months later I am still dealing with my original biceps injuries as well as my elbow strain/swelling.

And I’m left with only one lead.

I have what is called benign hypermobility syndrome. And evidently it’s something I’ve had my whole life but has never been an issue until now. I’d only really seen it’s symptoms come into fruition since using steroids. Specifically Deca.

So my questions to you guys…

Have you heard of anyone having a permanent change in joint and/or muscle health following a Deca cycle? Anything similar to my description?

And is there anything you can think of that contributes to these symptoms? Something I may not be tapping into with regular doctors tests. Nutritional deficiencies, important vitals, etc.

My health, according to my doctors, is near perfect. Cholesterol, cortisol, liver, kidneys, heart. Nerve, muscle and joint health are fine.

I’m just at a loss. I figure consulting other bodybuilders and their experiences may help in some way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Health and happiness.

unlikely, Im guessing you got used to how good your joints felt on deca then was lie “fuck lifting hurts” when you got off lol


What he said. That, and you got stronger quicker than your connective tissue could keep up with. I’ve heard of it, but usually in heavy users. Having hypermobile joints will obviously put you at higher risk for that type of stuff, especially after a decent sust/deca cycle and the accompanying strength gains. My wife has the same issue (hypermobility), and has had three surgeries on the same ankle (no steroid use, just clumsy).

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I think I read somewhere a long time ago that deca was shown to thin the connective tissue while also making it more elastic, but I can’t find that information now.

where did you get this information from?

Let me check my notes

I know I’m not making this up, but I’m not finding what I had seen before that indicated deca promotes elastin fiber formation. I researched this heavily a couple years ago when I was prepping for shoulder surgery, but all I found on it this morning were old/broken links. May have been using my school scientific journals research account, which I no longer have access to. I know my TRT doc said something similar to me and prescribed me 100mg/wk for 10 weeks after my shoulder surgery, but that’s all I have to go off of at this point. Editing my previous post…

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i’m very interested to hear more real scientific data about this, as there’s a ton of “bro-science” floating around about Deca (and EQ, too).

the only explanation i ever read that made sense was that nandrolone acted on the progesterone receptor in collagen and reduced inflammation (which is interesting, as DHT blocks that same receptor, which kinda explains why some guys have terrible issues on Winny, etc).

here’s an interesting study on Deca and tendons, but i’m not sure how applicable it really is:

I wish it were this simple.

I feel an abnormal, pulling sensation when I lift. And I’ve strained my muscles so easily while lifting maybe 1/3 the weight I used to and only 3-4 days a week rather than 6.

Yeah. I will guess that my biceps and elbow strains most likely came on because my tendons and ligaments hadn’t grown yet to the rate of my muscle gains. I’d added 27lb in 12 weeks. But the change that occurred with my joints and connective tissues post-deca seems like a different issue altogether. And I’m assuming that’s what’s preventing my muscles from healing normally as well.

For now, I’m just trying to lift lightly and eat as clean as I can to maintain my muscle mass.

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