Body Measurements

I just had a random thought/impulse to start taking tape measurements of various appendages to monitor progress.

The question I have is do you measure yourself in a flexed state or a normal state? Should you do this in the morning upon waking or later in the day?

Does it really matter or is consistency the key?

What sort of tape do you use? a tailor tape measure or how about a carpenter tape measure?

I am planning on getting calipers in the next few months after I decide to cut some fat so I can track BF changes too; any suggestions on brand or type?



It’s all about consistency. Measure your arms and legs flexed, your waist fully sucked in (and expirated) and your chest flexed/puffed out. This way, you can’t cheat by sucking your gut in to pretend you are making progress, or puff your chest out. So when you see your waist go down or your chest go up, you know your hard work is paying off. Go with a tailor’s tape.