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Body Imbalance or Overthinking?


Finally got around to posting this. I've always noticed that my body is somewhat tilted to one side and I'm not sure if I'm imbalanced or if it's normal for humans to be slightly unsymmetrical. This photo is taken after a few hours after a normal sized dinner and I wasn't flexing, duh.

I've been to a Chiropractor who says that my upper spine is somewhat slanted, I can't recall which side.

Is this a case of an imbalance or am I being paranoid?


I can't notice anything that would imply imbalances.


Looks fine to my untrained eye. Nothing glaringly obvious anyway.


What I see, which kinda annoys me is...
From the front image, my stomach being slightly bigger one side, you can see it if you look at the outlines. It can also been seen form the back photo.
From the back image, it looks to me like my right scapula seems to be more retracted compared to my left scapula and the lat insertion area, if I'm making sense.

I'm pretty sure I'm just being hypercritical about now.


Focusing on those issues is like stopping the building of an entire house to re-evaluate the one brick on the bottom that is 1% of the wrong shade of brown.

Don't worry man, just focus on building muscle and you will be fine. Good for you for not neglecting leg work btw!


Thanks I guess and nah, I look like absolute crap right now. Apparently that's what falling off the bandwagon hard for a couple of months does to you.


Your chiropractor is inventing a condition which he will need to treat by “adjusting” your spine on a weekly basis. That’s how those quacks make a living.

No one’s body is perfectly symmetrical.