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Body Image


Reading everybodies stats and thinking about body image. I am an extreme endomorph. I have a very large frame and bones. I currently am 5'3" and 236lbs. I bench a raw 181 in competition. In hindsight I most likely had anorexia as a teenager. The funny thing is no one recognized I had a problem because all that starvation dieting did was get me down to a normal size for a female. Yep an anorexic who was a size 10. Even though I am healthy and loving competing I'm still bothered at how big I am getting. I have gained 20 lbs since I started training in powerlifting almost a year ago. Its a little embarrasing to go to a meet and be bigger than a lot of the guys yet I know that this size is right for me for the sport I am engaging in.


It sucks that society so beats up women for their bodies and seems to dictate such a narrow ideal. I'm sorry you struggle with this. Amazingly, I think almost all women, regardless of size, feel inferior physically for one reason or another. And the current plastic surgery craze (implants, facelifts, liposuction, even genital reshaping) does nothing to help women in this arena. I don't mean to offend anyone, but a line has to be drawn somewhere.

At any rate, I hope you can learn to appreciate your strength, good character, good health, etc. All the things that make you a valuable person. I'm glad you have found competing and hope it helps build your self-esteem as it has done for me.


If you know this is the right size for you, and are comfortable and healthy, then that's really all that matters. I think we could all learn to bask in our collective awesomeness a little more often ( :

Now, if you are not comfortable and feel like you need to trim up a bit, then instead of thinking and wondering and analyzing, take action! The wonderful thing about weight training and exercise in general is the feeling of power and self determination that comes from it. The choice is yours alone.


Alright. I'll be the asshole. I can't imagine 236lbs at 5'3 being healthy. Even on a guy, that would be very hard to pull off. What is your waist measurement?


First of all --181 is a GREAT bench! You should be quite proud!

I'm sorry to hear about your body image blues--for me its a vicious circle. You feel bad its hard to fix things and it cascades..then its really a battle.

And I completely agree, disordered eating comes in ALL shapes and sizes..and it sucks! Its rather hard to replace a coping mechanism like disordered eating with other tings..because you can't just give up eating. also its really difficult sometimes for people who don't have the same struggle to really understand. I hear you!

But my, you are strong!! GRR! You go with your heart, be confident in your strength! Its impressive!!


You can state this without being an asshole by inquiring whether standard health measures, such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc., are in line. And if stated that way, I think it's a perfectly appropriate question.


How do your numbers compare to the standard measures of health? neck/waist measurement relative to height, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels?


Ahh, CBear. You never fail to amuse.


I should get a hat with a bell. Shouldn't be difficult, this time of year.

and shoes! I'll need curly shoes...


zadruga, i'm the exact same way but with weaker lifts lol... i always feel way too big because i have a big frame

like a smartie... thin from the side but wide from the front. yes. i'm a smartie.


You've got to be fucking kidding me. You're 5'10" and 145 lb. Get real. Zadruga, who is 5'3" and 236 lb. and has probably been scared off by now, is expressing a genuine concern.


Man. You are an angry little woman. lulz


Angry? No. Intense and reactionary at times? Yes. And you're right. My post was too much. I am very sensitive to the underdog, so to speak. So it just rubbed me wrong that a woman with practically model proportions would call herself wide in a log written by a woman who clearly has figure challenges by society's standard. It just seemed insensitive. Of course, I trumped that insensitivity with my own post. And for that I apologize.


no kidding. My best friend is 5'.11" and 180lbs at a size 4 to 6. She worries she is too thin.




I have a hard time believing this is for real. If not a troll, zadruga, I do not mean to be insensitive, but I really don't want to affirm your belief that 5'3/236lbs is in any way healthy. Now don't take that to mean I want you to go out and starve yourself. DON'T.

You may need to question whether you're consuming the appropriate amount of calories for your bmr. It is also possible that you may have some food allergies making it difficult for your body to properly proccess the calories you're consuming. I don't know what your macros look like, but in the long run, consuming too many calories from carbs puts your health at risk and will ultimately hurt your performance on the platform and compromise your longevity.


well i hope she isn't scared off.

I work with some morbidly obese, absolutely disgusting women with similar proportions to zadruga, and i'd like to know/see/hear what those stats are like on a strong woman.

without her input, we can banter all we want, but its less of a discussion and more of a monologue. which leaves no room for growth in any of us.

and ladieslove, i get that maybe you wanted to sympathize with zadruga in one way or another. It's a ridiculous comparison, though. I picture Verne Troyer likening himself to Biggie. Sure, they're both bald, but... yeah.


you're right, only short jacked women are allowed to have body image issues

PLEASE FORGIVE ME for petes sake


A lot of women have body image issues (I know - I have grown up them) but going by your photos, yours are in your head, which is a totally different deal to someone who is actually clinically obese.


that doesn't make any differece. insecurities are insecurities and there's no reason anyone should make me feel bad about it

i figure women should have each others back but i guess girls will be girls