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Body heat

This morning I took a thermo, drank a cup of coffee, warmed up by jumping rope, drank my during workout Surge, completed a CPT workout (involving circuits), and when I came upstairs both of my kids were complaining of stomach pains. I took my son’s temp. (97.9 F). Then to test the thermometer I took my own temp., expecting it to be around 100 F due to the thermo and workout. My temp. was 94.7. The lag time between working out and taking my temp. was about 15 minutes. I immediately ran out and bought a brand new thermometer, took my temp. and . . . 94.7. What the hell is up! Is there a link between temp. and metabolism? Shouldn’t my temperature be elevated due to exercise and thermogenetics? I’m not a newbe, I bench 315 1RM, squat 385 1RM, and maintain around 10-12% bodyfat sometimes dipping to 7%. Any info?

Okay I’m stewing over this one -I have to admit I kinda chuckled when I read this post - only cuz it’s something I’ve never done on a whim. But maybe I should? I don’t know I thought there was a certain leewy for our bodily temperatures to hover around - like yes, 96.7 degrees is the average - right? But what I am wondering is that maybe the fact that your are lean may affect your body temperature. I average 11% and for a contests get down to 6 or 7%. And my hands and feet are ALWAYS cold (much to my boyfriend’s dismay), but if that signifies a low body temperature? I do not know…

I know you can put yourself in a state of shock if you workout very hard, and this will cause your blood pressure to go down a lot. This may also cause temp. to go down a lot.

I can understand where you’re coming from. Everytime I take a thermogenic it feels like my body temperature drops about 10 degrees. I can get really warm when I do cardio, but after a good sweat I always turn cold to the touch. Never understood how that can be the reaction if it “raises core body temp” like they’re supposed to. Sorry, no numbers to offer you since I never considered taking my temperature - maybe next time I will.

I know this may sound unpleasant, but you’re going to need to take a rectal temperature if you really want to know the truth. Oral and rectal temperatures correspond well in some people and not so well in others. Usually after an intense workout (immediately after) your temperature will be elevated by a few degrees (most people will be at 100-102 degrees).

Nah…don’t panic. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a low temp. I have that too, but it does not seem to indicate that anything is wrong. Given your propesity to low temps, I would worry more if your temp at 98.6 when you average is around 95-96.

If you have a chronic low temp because you have been dieting hard or excessive use of thermo’s, it is probably due to your bodies attempt to compensate by reducing thyroid output and corresponding low T3 levels as your body goes into “starvation” mode to compensate for chronic low calories. Chronic use of thermos can also cause the body to reduce T3 output. Any of these senerios will cause a chronic reduction in body temp due to low T3 levels. I’ve experienced these same symptoms. This is why strict dieters supplement T3 to keep metabolism up and also why Biotest came out with T2 and T2 Pro to support thyroid output and metabolism during low calorie diets and the usually accompanying lowered body temp. Chronic overtraining can also lead to the same situation. Also extemely low body fat will cause the same situation as your body views low body fat as starvation and attempts to lower metabolism and conserve energy.

Heb summed it up nicely. 94.7 does seem really low though…especially since you sound like you’re in excellent health and haven’t noticed anything strange such as having a chronically slow metabolism or being cold all the time.f Have you tried taking your temp under your armpit? It could also be the thermometer. I don’t know what kind you used but there’s a chance it could be reading off by a couple of degrees.