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Body Hair


I look like a midget sasquatch, any suggestions for removing body hair. I've tried the razor, wound up looking like I had the chicken pox, used nair, that shit stinks, and doesn't work very well, and waxing, well let's just say waxing really really hurts!!!!!

I've seen the ads for the spray removal system in magazines has anyone tried it, and does it work?


not familiar with the spray removal thing, but if you take some ibuprophen before you get waxed, it won't hurt as much afterward. getting waxed regularly increases your pain tolerance. you could also try laser hair removal, but that costs some major $$.


I get pretty hairy myself. I used to use hair clippers, but now I have a smaller beard trimmer (wider than most beard trimmers though) and it works great.

I don't usually shave bare, but when I did I made sure to use the clippers, with no attachment, first. Then I'll use a razor while in the shower. It comes off much easier with the razor when the hair is very small.

Usually I just go over my chest/mid section with the clippers and the #1 or #2 attachment.


barbershop clippers - mow the lawn once a week. there'll still be hair, but it'll be short and not overly noticeable