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body hair

In nearly the words of Ian Austebury, “I’m talkin’ bout hair removal machine.” That is, I’ve finally reached the point in leaness and mass that I’d like to take some photos. What is the best way to rid oneself of body hair? What is the tried and true method of hair removal that bodybuilders use? Is it just plain ol’ shaving? This is one topic I have never read an article on. Tell me what works best for you.

If you’re talking a one-time thing, then just a regular shave-dwon will work fine. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, then waxing is the way to go (and will build up your pain threshold in the process). When I was bike racing (shaving the legs), I just used a few Bic razors and shaved away. Eventually I got to where I could dry shave. Not for every body. After a while, I just started using my Norelco electric, but I had to do it more often. I think Monkeyboy Eric could help a lot more here (and Nate Dogg toom I think).

As a hyoooooge Cult fan, I can tell you that this topic’s been done to death on the forum. Try searching for it. Personally, I just trim with clippers every couple of months. But hey, winter’s coming, and my new girlfriend likes hair so what the hell, maybe I’ll go nutural for a while.

Oh yeah, and it’s Astbury. :slight_smile:

When my gf goes to get waxed they give her some stuff that is supposed to prolong the time it takes for the hair to regrow. Does anyone know what this stuff is?

Is there any advantages to the actual waxing or is just because they are pulled out instead of shaved? Like could you use something like ductape just to get them pulled out? I know it sounds stupid, but seriously, I’d like an answer. :wink:

Hair removal? I’ve done just about everything. I’ve tried laser hair removal, waxing, shaving, nair and trimming. Laser hair removal is expensive and can be painful, but it works for a long period of time. Although, I’m not happy with it because they said that the hair shouldn’t grow back again. But for the most part, most of it has grown back. So I’ve spent a few hundred dollars for something that only lasted a short period of time. Waxing is also painful, but it lasts for a few weeks to a month or so. And your hair tends to grow back thinner and less dark each time. Shaving is easy, and if you only do it once or twice, it’s fine. But if you do it daily or weekly, it totally sucks ass. And I swear to God, every time you shave, it grows back quicker, thicker and darker. I don’t care what all these people say about shaving not doing that, because I know it happened to me! Nair is easy to do, but it can burn the hell out of you, and will make your skin feel raw. And it only lasts a day or two longer than shaving. I rarely use Nair due to the above problems. But if you’re only doing it once or twice, Nair may be better than shaving, although it could burn you! And you may need to shave a few spots that get missed by the Nair. I tried it on my chest/stomach before, and not only did it burn, but it missed a bunch of patches that I had to shave later. Trimming is easy to do, doesn’t cause pain, still looks normal and doesn’t cause the hair to grow back thicker, darker or faster. So for the most part, I recommend trimming above all else. If you want hair gone for a long period of time, or hopefully forever, I’d go with laser hair removal or waxing. Nads is cheap and can be done at home for much less than a professional wax job.

Besides the obvious answer to waxing over shaving (that being that yes the hair is pulled out so it takes longer to grow back), many people find that over time, with waxing, is that the hair stops growing back or comes back thinner as waxing causes trauma to the hair folicle. I’m not too sure about the duct tape idea. There’s a good chance you’ll end up getting a lot of skin doing that (which means more pain and irritation).

Waxing hurts like a bitch. Depends on how hairy you are. For me, it took an hour to do my chest and stomach. The one thing that hasn’t been mentioned here, is that waxing will cause a lot of edema (water retention) directly under the skin, so you’ll look puffy and soft for a week or so after. Not cool for the pics.

If you’re hairy, wax the back and other areas and shave the chest (first with clippers, nice and short and then with a good razor).

One of the things that help to stop regrowth and/or slow the rate of growth is Azulene Oil. Good stuff, helps sooth the pain. Tea Tree Oil is good to.

Waxing is better especially for those who have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by shaving, resulting in raver burn, redness, ingrown hairs, and bumps. None of that with waxing, you also get anywhere from 2-4 weeks of smoothness as opposed to 1-2 days with shaving, and over time the hair comes back thinner and thinner. If you have never had it before, take a good pain releiver about 40 minutes before going in. If you are going to try it yourself, I would recommend a product like Nads over duct tape, you don’t have to heat it and it’s cheap. You may at least want to have it done professionaly the first time so they can show you exactly how to do it correctly.