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Body Hair-Shaving and Waxing


Yes. I'm that weird guy who shaves/waxes his body. I started shaving my body about two years ago. I posted my progress picture on a site similar to this. Someone commented on my hairy forearms hiding any progress I was making, and suggested I shave them. Being a naive teenager, I ran off to the bathroom and did just that. I was very happy with what I saw.

Not too long after, I decided that my hairy legs were hiding my calves, so i shaved them as well. My calves never looked better.

About a year later, I switched from using a hair clipper, to shaving my forearms and legs with a mach 3 razor (every two days). That was great until a buddy of mine approached me and asked if I was shaving my legs and arms? I felt really awkward, so I started to shave every day, so there would be no sign re-growing hair.

Since I was shaving so frequently, I started getting a five o?clock shadow on my forearms and legs, an hour after shaving. I was so disgusted by what I was doing and how it looked that I began to workout in long sleeves, even in 100 degree weather. I was so self-conscious that my workouts really suffered, and worse; I was starting to go nuts. I was always thinking about my excess body hair, and the fact that someone may notice that I shave my legs and forearms if they looked close enough.

I tried withdrawing from shaving, and simply letting the hair grow back and accepting it like a normal person. Believe it or not, it's a lot easier to say that when you don't have excess hair, and don't look like a hairy gorilla beneath your clothes. I couldn't do it.

Fast-forward to today.

I'm still a very young man, and I would just like to be able to wear a t shirt and shorts, and not have to think twice about it.

I am more disgusted and ashamed by what I have been doing than anyone could possibly be. On one hand, I'd feel accepted if I knew it was OK. On the other hand, I'd love to know if there?s anyone in a similar hairy situation.


I'm a believer in variety. I used to feel OH NOEZ, MUST NOT BE HAIRY! However, I found it effective to let go and accept that we're just as attractive with hair, or without.


Eventually I will end up in the situation you are im sure. I am 17 and unforunately have more god damn hair then most 25year olds. Friggin italian genes. Long story short, it fucking blows and having a stubble "down there" sucks....so does shaving every other day/every day. I am sure there are a bunch of us who feel the pain.


Laser hair removal.


I feel you on this to a certain extent. I used to shave my arms and chest with a razor and also had some embarrasing moments with people making comments and such. I really don't like body hair, but I eventually realized I needed to stop shaving. I now use clippers, with a number 2 or 3 attachment, and this has been a happy medium for me. Not too hairy, but it doesn't really look like I even trim. Also, get a tan, the hair looks a lot better if it's bleached out.

I think the older you get, the less this will be an issue for you. Most women would prefer a hairy guy to one who shaves his body with a razor.


just wax. it does not grow out as fast and the stubble is not sharp.

make sure to exfoliate so you dont grow a bunch of ingrown hairs that look like pimples.


Heres my thing....

I shave arms/legs and could really care less what anyone things(wife hates it for some reason...). I got in this crazy habit about 6 years ago when a buddy of mine tried to convince me to do it on my own, and when I didnt, he took a huge chunk out of the fur on my arm. It started there and I am now repulsed by body hair and cant stop.

Anyhow, you want to talk about peer pressure, Im in the military and a
lifter that shaves. What kind of sterotypes does that bring to mind???

With that said there are about 5 or 6 other wannabe gym rats that are now shaving at least arms and legs over here now.


I'm thinking of laser hair removal on my chest and stomach, because I'm sick of using clippers every 2 or 3 days. If you haven't looked into laser, check it out. It takes fewer treatments to become permanent; then you'd be DONE.

I shave my armpits every day, though. Got into that habit playing sports where I had to wear sleveless uniforms and now it stuck. Plus I find girls love it...way cleaner.


How much does that usually cost? I've actually thought of having laser hair removal from the chest and stomach. I've heard that it's not near as expensive as it once was.


I hate this social norm that guys aren't supposed to shave. Where is written that we have to look like an ape. I always get akward questions about it and I just say "yea..I freakin' hate body hair." As far as the guy in the military...I hear you...i was in the exact same situation. However, go to any gym and you'll find several guys that shave...funny how in the gym it is naturally acceptable. Also, I found that a good tan will hide stubble and will allow a few extra days withouth shaving.


I have a lot of body hair. Mrs. Pittbull wants me to shave, I refuse. I do use hair clippers to shorten it other wise I would look like Chewbacca. My biggest complaint is the itch. I break out in a rash. I have even tried antihistamines to help. Do you get used to it?


TC wrote a great article about this..


honestly to the original poster: chill out...dont take it so seriously...dont be so self concious....whats that saying only... if you knew how much people thought about you, you would know how little they do...or something like that...I wish someone told me that when I was younger...or maybe somebody did, and I didnt listen....


The antihistamine wont work, but I could be wrong. The itching is from the hairs trying to penetrate back through the skin. I'm a hairy ass too and I try to trim as much as possible, I hate walking around in the summer with out a shirt on and people complimenting me on my sweater.



the prices I've seen in the local free newspaper (lots of ads around here in San Diego) seem like around 250 for the chest and stomach treatment...i've heard around 4-6 treatments and you're finished, so figure a grand or so to never have hair there again. It's awfully tempting.


My advice to you as a hairy guy is just live with having body hair. Shave bad spots (back, shoulders, etc.) and trim the chest. You can also trim your legs if they are super hairy. If you're like me, you think women won't like it. I have actually found that more women prefer men with hair then men without. It seems like women equate hair to manhood, and hairless to boyhood.


Body hair is cool, some women think they don't like it.

They just don't know they like it.


Been shaving everything from the waist up since I was 18 (33 now) and never looked back. Did the legs a few times, but it takes so friggin long, I rarely do it anymore. My wife hates me being hairy so that's a plus.

Arms get a quick once-over about twice a week, shoulders about once a week, and chest/torso about every other week (dunno why, just grows slower, but it is very thick and coarse, so growing it out is a must).

Oh, and if you stick to blade shaving, your skin conditions to it, just like your face did when you started shaving.


There is a reason I chose this nickname.

I get my back & shoulders waxed once every 5-7 weeks. It hurts like hell, but costs about $50. I haven't looked into laser too much, although I am tempted to try a test area - maybe the back of my neck/hairline.


So is that really you in your avatar?


Yeah, and I usually do wear the bandolier.