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Body Hair, Baldness and T

Is there really any relation between a guy’s natural testosterone levels and baldness or level of body hair? I know that bald heads and high amounts of body hair typically go together for some reason (I’m just the opposite), and a lot of people think that all that body hair (and baldness) is caused by higher T levels. I thought that, at least in the case of baldness, it was caused not by higher T levels, but be the body being inefficient at “smoothly” processing testosterone, therefore creating an unusually high amount of DHT in the process. Am I wrong? Just curious.

Anyone at all?

Id like to second the request. Im a hairy bastard, and for the time being i also enjoy a full head of hair. if i end up w/ more hair on my back than on my head i will be PISSED.

I actually saw this discussed on a TV show which has a weekly science segment, usually dedicated to discussing unusual things about the human body. Apparently scientists have discovered that if your ring finger is significantly longer than your index finger when you put your right palm up in a “Stop” gesture, you actually have higher than average testosterone levels. This will cause you to lose hair sooner than other men, and you are also more likely to father girls when you get around to having kids. I can vouch for the thinning hair, as for the kids, ask me in about two years!