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Body Hair and Bodybuilding


Considering this is a site about testoserone, Alpha Male, etc. I've been noticing that no body builder has any hair on any parts of their body. Let me point out a few things though before I continue any further..

1) The amount of hair on your body does not have to do anything with your T-Level.

2) By shaving off the hair, you can see your muscle definition better.

In body building competitions, is it a 100% "have to" thing-to-do? I'm very hairy when it comes to the body (legs, chest, not back) and proud of it (don't want to be a 12 year old for ever...18 sounds about good ;])

Sorry about posting this in here, wasn't sure wether this should belong here or some other place such as "Sex and the Male Animal". I apologize if it'sd in the wrong board. :slight_smile:


If you want to step on stage, then yes it's a requirement. If you don't plan on that then do what you like.



Many women appreciate a good "manscaping". I just feel cleaner with less hair.