Body Fortress Whey Protein?

Has anyone tried this whey protein? This is the kind you find at Walmart I think. It’s what I can afford. Should I even bother?

Nah, its crap homie: if you arent gonna go the Biotest route best find yourself some true protein to fuel your gainz…

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Tried years ago, ripped my stomach up!

If on a budget just a bulk pack of lean mince would be better for your money.

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Don’t bother. Tastes like crap and the quality is crap. Body Fortress is known for amino spiking.


[quote=“goddamnerectorspinae, post:1, topic:225702”]
Should I even bother?[/quote]
Nope. Like Shots said, Body Fortress is one of a few companies that’ve been snagged amino spiking, so you’re simultaneously getting what you pay for and not even getting what you pay for.