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Body Fortress Gainer??

T-Nation, you have been good to me. This post is about Surge, and a possible competitor. I may have found a poor mans Surge replacement. A ten dollar, Surge replacement. I am not completely sure but can you tell me the difference between Surge and a product called body fortress weight gainer? You can find it at this website: http://www.bodyfortress.com/
It is sold at Wal-mart and very convenient. Is there a problem with this and other cheap products made by them?

Difference not sure doesnt state the profile. I have used the regular whey they sell its cheap but my goodness the chocolate is id say the only protein drink i cant actually drink havent tasted anything that bad in 10 years since shakes have gotten better. The vanilla for a cheap smething to get you by its doable makes me fart like no bodies business.

As for the difference again?? just guessing by the other products its likely very dirt cheap protein, a concentrate that is from bottom of the barrel as opposed to hydro whey in Surge. Not sure what the carbs are they are likely ear the same, im betting there are no added Bcaa’s either.

So in short your prob getting what you pay for cheap protien mixed with cheap carbs.


I don’t believe that has the hydrolyzed whey protein like Surge, and the carbos probably come from either fructose, sucrose, or maltose instead of dextrose.

While I agree their whey protein is cheap, for the price is good and the vanilla makes a good mix with smoothies and gatorade for Pre and PWO. There is a also 4g of BCAA’s per serving so there is worse proteins out there. Each serving is a scoop of 23g of protein and this compares favorably to ON in my opinion.

I’d go at least with a different brand of gainers. There’s enough out there, many with better reputations and higher qualities as far as gainers go.