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Body Fortress All-In-One Shaker?


The Body Fortress All-In-One Shaker is a great concept. Right now I have only found it on Walmart online or in their stores.

If we do not have a Walmart near us and it is sold out on their site where can we buy it?

"We found no stores within 50 miles of *#^%$ that carry this product." -Walmart


First time i bought a body fortress shaker...the cap leaked and proceeded to drip everywhere. Bought a blender bottle and never looked back.

That being said, tell us how you like it if you get one.


Damn shakers getting too gimmicky and complicated lately. I have a couple of 'Turbo' shakers from years ago that still work perfectly. Want to carry your dry powder with you? Just put it in a plastic baggy, no need for extra compartments that just make the shaker bigger than it needs to be.



Or just put it in the shaker bottle dry, add water right before you want to consume it (you can do this at a water fountain), consume.

I'm a fan of the Blender bottles because they don't leak, which is really the only criteria I have for a good shaker cup.

P.S. I'd happily carry around Biotest/T-Nation bottles if they existed (as long as they avoid the aforementioned leaking).


You know what Wal-Mart does have?

Mason jars.


Blender Bottles are great in that the threads on the lid/cap are just that much wider. I've never had a leak because you can never miss putting the lid on. The regular shaker bottles won't leak every time, but it's the one time in ten that you put the lid on just a little bit wrong that gets you.
That, and even the cap that goes over the spout is made to stay open so it doesn't hit you in the face when you drink.


The regular blender ball shaker bottles work just fine for me. Never had an issue with leaking and they mix up the protein just fine. I bought a GNC blender bottle once but the darn thing couldnt blend through the thickness of my mass gainer and then i ended up breaking it.

Not sure if it was just a bad one? But does anyone have a recommendation for a blender bottle that actually works well?


It will break the first time you put it through the dishwasher...its a very cool idea, but unfortunately walmart has the monopoly on these things so its going to be a cheap chinese piece of crap...after the first washing, one of the pill ids stopped closing so it flopped everytime you shook the damn thing...second time through, the actual lid broke...like at the part that screws on...go figure how that happened

But its $5...so is it worth it to you?


'Nuff said.


I have broken 2 in the dishwasher and 1 just mysteriously while washing by hand. The bottom always cracks and forms a slow leak for me. YOu could epoxy it or something I suppose, but I threw them out and got mine elsewhere.


There's no place in this thread for such common sense, sir!


try the SmartShake v2, it has two compartments and a pretty great filtration system. i didnt experience any leaks so far


Sorry to revive such an old thread, but a google search on images found it's way here and I thought I'd post my thoughts since I failed to find a more relevant thread.

I've been very happy with my SmartShake v2. Granted, I don't have a lot of experience with different ones, but the two comparments in the bottom makes it easy to bring powders and stuff with you. The only issue I've had was with the hinged lid. The damn thing was tight on closing and finally decided to break a bit a few weeks ago. I've just finished repairing it with some melty glue, so it may not be dishwasher safe anymore.

Apparently there's a lot of them available here (like the neon or signature series), but as I understand the only difference is the colouring of the plastic. The design is sold to other companies that simply stamp their name on the side.


i just use a plain nalgine bottle, and shake the crap out of it for 10 seconds, works fine for me.


after seeing this thread i was gonna recommend this. i got one for free from bb .com and it works really well. never leaked for me and has a separate compartment for the whey to keep dry.