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Body for Life?

Hey All,

I’ve got a question. Does that Body For Life program actually work? My mom brought the book the other day, so i started laughing as i picked it up. The before and after photos look pretty good, but there’s gotta be sone kind of catch. I mean, those kind of results after twelve weeks? I’ve been lifting for two years and haven’t seen those kind of results. Also, i wonder how strong they actually are at the end of program. If anyone has any input let me know.


The Body for Life program is aimed at sedentary individuals. Does it work? Well, take a person who has let himself get out of shape, add weight training and a little cardio, plus a reduced calorie diet and sure it’s going to “work”. Replace the couch with the gym and junk food with chicken breasts and a person will see results. Nothing magic about Bill’s program. Read my comments and check out the “before and after” photos in issue #105’s “Dawg School” column.

Chris, let’s be honest. We all know that it’s because they’re all on HMB!

Chris is absolutely right. I have to appreciate what I got out of it though. I went from an active and skinny 5’10" and 148-50 to 182 in about 7 or 8 months. I was really stoked, but I couldn’t get beyond that. I consider Body for Life to be good for starting out but if you really want to CONTINUE TO GROW T-mag is THE BEST!! It’s been a couple of months now and I’ve added another 10lbs! I’m really stoked on that and working for more.

What are you talking about Todd?? I started taking HMB last week and I’ve already put on 10 pounds of lean muscle. It also makes me feel like I’ve taken Power Drive… Just kidding!! I got a laugh from your post. HMB doesn’t do a damn thing, but for the money people spend, they want to believe it’s working miracles!

Although I have lost a lot of respect for Mr. Phillips, I must admit that Body-For-Life does inspire couch-potato types to get in shape. My girlfriend had been sporadic, to say the least, in her gym attendance. She got ahold of the book, watched the tape, and has been highly motivated for about 9 months now. She doesn’t look like some of the babes in the ads, but has lost about 20 lbs. and has firmed up. I think it is great for getting first timers excited about working out. And if she believes that Phen-Free really works, well I forgive her.

Just like deca, huh Jaime?

People should regard BFL as a fat loss program. The weight lifting program isn’t that tough, only occassionaly going to failure. In fact, it looks only slightly more intense than German Body Comp. And look at the pictures. It’s mostly people cutting down. If you’re especially fat, you’re gonna have some good lbm underneath to show off after you finish dieting.