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Body For Life?

O.k who of us out there used to be a BFLr? And I emphasize “used”. It’s alright to admit it. Consider it step 1 in a 12 step program. Admitting you were a BFLr. I’ll be the first, yes I used to be a BFLr.

If you have to ask what a BFLr is, don’t worry you were never one.

I never did participate in that particular ‘cult’…lol… While it was going, I looked at the ‘beginning’ pictures and some of the ‘after’ pics. Some of the folks made good copy. The main problem I had with it was, when you look like an ‘after’ pic already, if they are looking for the best ‘progress’ to award, I had no chance…;)…

Oddly enough, BFL got me turned onto T-Mag. The threaded discussion boards, set up as a support forum, had one dude who always posted links to relevant T-Mag articles. I wish I could remember his screen name (this was back in '99).

Anyway, after a while I found myself completely bypassing the BFL crap and going straight to the source right here!

Yes ive done the body for life 3 times.

Though i liked the program, as i was getting stronger the high volume took the energy right out of me. Last time i did the program i went from 82kgs at 17% to 77 kgs at 9 % body fat.

I wasn’t taking eas products, i took a MRP:whey powder, creatine and glutamine.

I look good but i felt that i was too small looking but would of fitted well down the beach!!!ha

Now im 88kgs at 12 % body fat from follow charles poliquin’s program’s in Will Brink’s e book.

Anyway, guys dont knock it TC designed the BFL program so it cant be that bad.


[quote]dwain wrote:

Anyway, guys dont knock it TC designed the BFL program so it cant be that bad.

Dwain [/quote]


Don’t hang that albatross around my neck!

I designed a program for WOMEN called the “Neo-Lean Plan” and elements of it were used in Bill’s BFL program, but I didn’t design BFL.

I appreciate being given some credit (I think), but it’s not my creation.

Yeah Yeah, Recovering BFLer here. I too was turned onto T-Mag indirectly by participating in that program. One of the guys in my CSCI class saw that I was drinking those EAS protien shakes and knew I went to the gym, but I was… well, puny. Since we were in a CSCI class and linked to the internet via T1, we spent the entire time looking up articles on the site.

I think my most memorable 2 articles that I saw that summer (Summer 2000, holy cow) was “The Top Seven Upper Back Exercises” by Charles Poliquin and “Squatting From Head to Toe: An Introduction to the Box Squat” by Dave Tate…

Anyway, after I started living on the site for about a month, I started seeing immediate results. My best friend was amazed at the results that I had obtained and from then on I got him hooked on T-Mag and passed the torch…

Your site rocks guys!

Recovering BFLer, 4 years in the making…


The fact is the only way I found T-nation\Biotest was because of Muscle Media 2000. Thats right, there was an ad in there for MAG-10 before it even hit the market. If I had not been a then loyal reader of that magazine I’m not sure I would have ever stumbled onto this phenominal website or Biotest products. Strange huh?

I am a former BFLr as well. I went through the program twice back in 2000 but quickly out grew it. It was while I was searching for more advanced training and nutrition information that I came across T-Nation, or Testosterone.net back then. Been here ever since.

BLF is ok for what it was designed for. It is real easy for anyone that hangs around here to laugh at it. BLF’ers don’t squat 400 lbs., they don’t deadlift 350. But, that is not what it was designed to do, it was designed for mass market appeal. It got alot of yuppies off their ass and into the gym. It taught them to eat 6 meals a day and not a three martini lunch. In those terms it was successful and useful. Most people aren’t into T-Nation and thats what makes T-Nation and you special.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have found T-mag if it wasn’t for Muscle Media (not MM 2000, just regular, boring MM). It was either an ad for Myostat or MAG-10 that got me interested.

I’ve been lifting weights since I was 11 years old, but about 7 years ago I thought I’d try the BFL workout program. I didn’t really follow their diet. I was more interested in the Anabolic Diet at the time. Since I was a kid, I’ve only focused on Olympic lifts until I found BFL. It was completely different from anything else I’d ever done, so I gave it a go. It leaned me out a bit and got me supercharged to learn more and more. I used the BFL program as a base and started learning how to design my own programs and put focus on troubled and weak areas. Somehow, when buying protein at a non-chain store (back in 98 or early 99 I believe), the clerk asked me if I’d ever heard of Testosterone.net. The name intrigued me, and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve learned more from this site in the last five years than I had since I was 11 years old (I’m 31 now).

So, did I try it? Sure. What’s the big deal? I used to have a mullet and torn jeans too. How ridiculous was that? We all grow up and learn if we open our minds to new things. BFL was no different.