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Despite what you hear on this site Body 4 life worked for me twice.First time 2 years ago I lost 23 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of mucsle in 12 weeks using only eas products.I started at 23% and went to 10% Since then I gained all the fat back and lost the mucsle and decided to do it again.But I did one thing different,the only EAS products I used were the phosphagen and Myoplex.I used Biotest Methoxy-7,T-2 pro,surge,Tribex 500 and 4-ad the last 4 weeks of the BFL program.This time I gained 18 pounds of muscle and lost 35 pounds of fat,I got down to 6% bf after starting at 25% Now thats a good testiment to the Biotest products.Now I’m not knocking EAS, they put out quality stuff,but in my opinion, Biotest is the king.Now I’m gonna do the Mag-10 plan for sucess for 8 weeks and hoprfully gain an additional 15-20 pounds of pure mucsle.

Sean, congratulations on both of your successful runs with BFL; you should do well with the Mag-10 plan.

However, I trust you've learned that you have to continue training and dieting in order to maintain your gains? Seems like you have no problem with a work ethic, just stay dedicated.

Again, good work, and good luck.

The general opinion is that BFL is a good program for beginners, but you’ll need to move on eventually. Seems like you’ve realized that though. As Shugs once said “Is it any good? Compared to the “Advanced Sitting” program most couch potatoes are currently using, yes, it’s a decent program. Compared to an Ian King program, no.”

You can read the rest of the question, “BFL Just BS?” here:

What did you think of the T2 in the stack? I’ve used tribex, methoxy-7, and mag-10. All of them are excellent products especially the methoxy-7. I want to cut off this last bit of chub before I go on another long term mass phase and was interested in how the T2 worked. (When I bulk I virtually gain no fat so that is not a concern) I just want to shed that extra junk in the trunk before I really get huge. This way I can see even more of the results. I’m thinking of using either 4-ad-ec/T2 or methoxy-7/T2. Right now since I finished a small Dbol cycle I think the methoxy-7/T2 would be a better long term call even though the 4-ad-ec is supposed to produce outstanding long term results. I want to go from about 9 % bf to 5 % bf. Right now I’m building mass so quickly that that will happen without shedding any fat, but I’d still like to get a little ripped to start out with. I do not plan on getting extrememly ripped though since I find that look not very appealing to me and the ladies.

How is it that B4F people can alledgedly lose so much fat and gain muscle? Where are these people at? There have been supposedly millions of people who’ve completed this but I only know of a few in my gym and their transformation wasn’t significant. They lost some fat and probably gained some muscle. Yesterday, 2 years later, 2 walked into the gym and tadda they’re worse than when they started.

I think B4L is a good start but you have to move on. The problem is that when you don’t make the gains or lose the fat that you should it’s almost as if you did something wrong. I can talk because I fell for the B4L. I did it lost some fat, yadda yadda yadda and worse than before.

What works: Keep working out (cardio, whatever kind & weights). Continue to eat less calories than you burn. Eat 1g/lb LBM. When you need an added boost take a supplement from Biotest and follow their diet recommendations.

IMO, B4L creates 12 week wonders whose last cheat meal last until they start the next 12 week program. Sometimes a day, sometimes a year.

Just my opinions, Croooz

Not to detract from your accomplishments but to echo Croonz sentiment, it sure seems that for every program that comes along there are always a handful of people with incredible results. Incredible results posted on the internet that is, I have yet to see these transformations with my own eyes.

you’re required to send in before/after pics when entering this body for life. Would you mind putting up those pics? i’d be interested to see your results.

EAS has a decent product line. And you’ll get pretty good results. They have a reputation to uphold and for mainstream America EAS is the way to go.
With Biotest, you’re getting the best products and support out there. No doubt about it. If you think that you’ve had good results up to this point, Mag 10 will literally put you on a whole new level. Get ready to be blown away!!!

Sean: The BFL plan also worked for me but after two sessions I too moved to a split routine. Doing the entire upper body in one day is insane. Your shoulders and joints can’t take that shit. Besides I also have a life. Yes the Biotest products especially the mag 10 is excellent. I can get laid for that kind of money though. But I’ll do it again. Try pure testosterone transdermal gel if you can convince a physician to prescribe it to you. Tell him your tired and your libido is down. Don’t tell him you are a hardcore bodybuilder. Put that shit on every morning, do two gulps of the mag 10, do balls to the wall workouts. Split up the upper body. Warn your girlfriend to get plenty of rest Ha Ha.

Lost 23 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of mucsle

Lost 35 pounds of fat and gained 18 pounds of muscle.

In 12 weeks each with better results on the second cycle? Who are you trying to kid?

I’d like to see the pictures too.