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Body-for-Life Winners -- Jokers!

Did you guys check this thing out?

www.bodyforlife.com/ bfl_bus_tour/new_champions.html

My GAWD!!! EAS must’ve picked whoever used most EAS supplements. It’s the worst set of winners ever!


I couldn’t get the link to work, but I did check out the past champion section. I know whenever I am done with athletics and decide to get cut I will have to enter this thing. Make sure to put a big patch of chest hair on, stick my gut out, huntch my shoulders, and be pasty white for my before picture. Win for sure.

Concerning link not working: Long links tend to mess up the forum, the words will bleed into the borders. To prevent this, the mods will often add a space in the link. So it looks like there was a space added after the “.com/” Remove it and the link will work. I think our tech guys are working on fixing this.

whoa the black dood (the grand master champion) really got dark somehow, what’s up with that?

What the hell is with the weird line next to the Women Age 26-32 champ’s belly button? A little tummy tuck? She doesn’t even look like the same woman (then again, most of them don’t-HOAX!). Also, you’re right about the first guy getting a lot darker. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with Bill Phillips’ personal code of ethics…

Its obvious that these can’t be real since most of the people look different even in the hairstyle and age. Just how do they go about perpetrating this fraud? Its hard to dummy up photos holding a dated newspaper but not impossible I guess. I wish it were for real as those transformations, especially the black man, would be awesome.

Ah, c’mon guys, don’t be jealous. Now ususally I would join the anti-body for life group think, but there’s really nothing wrong w/ these results. Admittedly, they’re not all extordinary and it’s obvious almost all the participants’ after pictures used professional lighting techniques to enhance their results but you can’t tell me that Jerry Braam guy sucked in his stomach to look all ripped like that (okay, okay, he used duct tape in his back, right).

Avoids - It is VERY easy to dummy a picture like that. I have done work that includes switching HEADS and you can’t tell. The scar on 26 - 32 could be from a c-section, you wouldn’t notice it in the front shot because of the lighting. Anyway, at least these people did something for themselves… though I don’t know why it’s necessary to remove all your body hair and get a fake tan

This challege lasts for a year. You are allowed to do it for more than one 12-wk segment. The people involved know this, the ones who sneer do not. As for the tan and body shave, this is to bring out definition–an appearance thing. Shorter haircuts also make the muscles appear bigger. It is all a part of the muscle thing. The body shave is not a requirement, though. Order a set of the Body For Life Rules.

It may be the worst set of champions yet, but its a whole bunch of people who aren’t so fat anymore. First step, realizing you’re out of shape. Second step, Body-For-Life. Third step T-Mag. Fourth step,…?