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Body for Life Program

anyone tried it? my cousin did it and he looks ridiculous and seemed quite happy with it…what do you all think…

define “looks ridiculous”. You mean in a good way, or bad way? Fat or phat?

I tried it and liked it… i had no knowledge of working out or nutrition beforehand.

I think the eating/cardio aspect are good, but many give the weight routine a thumbs down.

You’ll find many people joke on the program… Like I said though, it was a great place for me to start and made it simple.

Hope this helps a bit.

I think it was great for getting people who didn’t know anything about weight training, into training.

My wife and I did it years ago, and we were seeing some positive results with it.

Someone actually came up to me and asked if I was doing the BFL program when I was training. I guess it was that popular.


The Body for Life program is pretty good when you are just starting out. Its not good because its a great routine, but because it spells everything you need to know out for you.

I did the BFL routine when I first started, and then went and did ABSolution, which is only marginally better.

I got amazing results, not because of the routine, but because of the effort put in to training and a great diet.

The BFL routine isnt horrible, as long as you are busting your ass. The nutritional information is outdated. Its complete shit. The nutritional info is meant for someone who has been eating hoho’s and BigMacs as their staple diet. Its really only meant to get you eating clean foods.

I used it 3 years ago and can only say good things about it.

It’s straight-forward (3 weight work-outs 3 high-intensity interval workout) and 6 small clean meals a day.
Bill Philips was ahead of his time by advocating HIIT for the aerobic part…heck,even today 99% of the population would probably think walking with a determined look on your face burns the most fat!

It’s true there’s no ‘secret’ to it…just hard work and clean eating.

I will say that for the average person who knows NOTHING, it’s great and definitely sets a solid foundation. I think there are some major “tweaks” that need to be made as far as the exercise selection is concerned (nix the leg press, leg curls, etc).

All in all, it’s a great program for newbies.

I think that a lot of us that may think we are “advanced” now would do
well to realize we’re still closer to newbie.
How many guys at the gym do you see doing barbell curls on arms day? Not many. Most think tht they’ve ‘moved up’ to cable curls and such.