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Body-for-Life Program

First off, I’d like to introduce myself. I’ve been lurking around the T-Nation board/website for a few weeks now and have gathered a library of information. I’ve been on and off with training for the past year, and just got clearance to lift again after a bone-breaking motorcycle accident.

Anyhow, I’ve had a few friends try out the Body-for-Life program. They are all mostly wrestlers, but that’s besides the point. From their testimony, they all said it was effective for them. First off, I’m not them, so it’s a trial/error type situation for me.

Have any of you ever looked into or followed the program? I’ve got the book sitting in front of me and from what I’ve read so far, it makes sense, just not sure if it’s the best program to follow in order to gain mass. I’ve been using CT’s Optimized Volume Training article for the past few weeks.

I still consider myself a “newb” and probably will do so until my knowledge and body have caught up with each other.

Just wanted to get some insight on the program.


I think it’s a good program for someone who has never lifted before, or knows very little about proper nutrition and training.

My wife and I did use it a long time ago, and we did get decent results (fat loss).

If you have access to this site, then the information you can get from the articles here greatly out weigh any information you can get from the BFL program.

The best that can be said about the BFL program is that it will get you started lifting.

It solves a lot of the problems with being sedentary.

It will not build significant amounts of strength or muscle (especially if you are an experienced trainee). You can, however, lose a significant amount of fat.

All in all, you’re much better taking any diet program from this site and matching it with any training program. Even if you do this totally haphazardly, you will probably get better results than BFL. If you think about what you’re trying to accomplish and match your diet and supplement program with your workout regime, you are going to rock hard.

Dan “Welcome party” McVicker

I agree it’s a good place to start.

I agree with the others. I followed the program for a few months and had some good results. It’s good for a starter. Interestingly enough (in my opinion) the weight routine is the weakest part of the program. The diet is a good start and easy to follow, and the cardio is pretty effective as well.

I’ve also done a couple of rounds of the OVT with great success. Currently I’m on my second go of Poliquin’s updated GVT, where I’m making some great strength gains.

I did the program some years back and actually finished top 2000 (better than 93% of the participants). I gained strength and lost bodyfat at the same time, even as a seasoned lifter. It only works if you are committed 100%. I see many people doing a “modified” version and their results are less than crappy. Either do it or don’t…don’t take only the parts you like or the 12-week deadline/program doesn’t have the effect its supposed to. The cheat meal is nice…I used to clean out Outback Steakhouse every Saturday!