Body For Life/Fat Burning Diet

Anyone follow the body for life plan, and if so what type of results did you recieve. I’ve been on various high fat low carb diets (CKD’s) with little to show for it. I have them all (BodyOpus, Anabolic Diet, Lyle’s Book) and tried them all. I’m interested in getting ripped and if low fat is so bad then why are all the after photo’s show people that look ripped. I’m giving one last low carb diet a try, the fat burning diet. Doing 56% Protein (1.5 g per lb bodyweight) from Chicken, eggs/egg whites and protein powder which is around 360g b/c I weigh 245. 32%fat mainly from flax, some egg yolks and fat in chicken. And 12%Carbs from and orange, Strawberries in my protein drink and the rest green beans. 6 meals per day and calories around 2700. Gonna do 1 high carb meal in place of my last meal every Wed and Sat evening. Also lifting 4x week along with cardio afterwars. Anyone try this type of diet with success?

I’ve been on the Anabolic Diet for 4 weeks now, and have begun to see decreases in body fat (around 1.5lbs/week).
I was 14% on beginning, and now at 13% now, though appreciate getting below 10% can be a challenge.To work out my calorie requirement, I take 16cal. & mulitple by bodyweight (163lbs) which I break down into a 65%fat, 35%protein (=1.4g/bodyweight) & 5%carbs. I don’t specifically take carbs (post work-out drink etc.)until Friday afternoon, when I down 50grams after training and another 50grams during the night, and then come Saturday, I’m on the carb system (50%carbs, 35%fat & 15%protein)until 6:00pm Sunday nite.
Training wise, I do aerobics (cycle) for 30mins Mon, Wed & Fri mornings and take an Epredrine/Caffine& Asprin stack.
I do weights Monday & Tuesday PM, Wednesday PM off, Thursday AM/PM and Friday PM, with Sat/Sun REST. As I’m prepared to mainly “maintain” lean weight, I only do two excercises per bodygroup (ex.1 - 5 sets, ex.2 4 sets)
Just an outline of what I’m finding works…Good Luck.