Body Feels Like It's Stalling

am I going wrong somewhere?

The past week or so I’ve felt a bit of plateau in terms of my BF dropping. Energy and intensity in the gym is fine, Strength is good and improving, just the BF levels have stalled. Can someone take a look at the stats below and give any feedback? Cheers.

Height 5’11
Age 24
Weight 185
BF 12%ish
Bench 130kg
Mil Press 80kg
Squat 140kg
Dead 140kg

Daily Intake:
Cals 1500
Carbs 40-50g
Protein 180g
Fat 100g

(Cheat/re-feed day Sundays)

Cod Liver Oil x4
Flaxseed Oil x2
Multi Vits x1
Vit B x1
Potassium + Chromium x1
BCAA x a lot

Eggs/Turkey Bacon for breakfast, Promax bars x2, protein shake during the day, shake after workout, lean meat/veggies dinner, shake before bed.
1-1.5 gallon water daily
4-5 cups of coffee w/ soy milk

6 days. Heavy weight splits, low reps/high sets. 3-4 days low intensity cardio added.