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body fat

OK, I think we all need to own up here that we PRESUMED that Bruiser was a male! Doh! Sorry Bruiser- like it’s not many females who correspond on here with that sort of question. If you didn’t know you’ll be pleased to hear that Tampa Terry’s one too, so you are not alone!

Anyway, I’m sure you now agree folks that the situation of 125lbs and 30% BF makes a lot more sense! And yes, BF%'s in the high 20’s/low 30’s are common.

Bruiser, how do you think you LOOK? Do you need to get into shape? Or are you just worried about figures rather than what the mirror tells you.

If it’s the former, then you need to get into a good exercise program with the idea of toning up/building muscle and strength, and losing some fat. (Just remember, extremely LOW BF%'s for a female can be very dangerous in regard to your reproductive system- don’t try taking it to the extreme).

The rest of the advice as given above stands. If you look ok, you could probably STILL benefit from joining the gym and getting into shape, even if only for the fitness side of things. You’ll find simply working out, without making any other changes at all will make quite a difference, and probably drop your BF% a few points as well.

Good luck. SRS