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body fat

 Join a gym. Until  you do your wasting your time and ours as well. At 30% you're in what I call an alarm zone. I know people who would easily qualify as fat asses, and their body fat is still no higher that 20-24%. You have an ounce of muscle fiber in your body? First thing - if you want to lose your weight at all, either you build muscle which will burn off that fat, or you're screwed. Plain and simple. Eat those weights. The obvious being stated, join a fuckin gym - for your sake. THEN, come back and we'll more than happy go pack on quality muscle and trim down AFTERWARDS. If I sound rude, it's because Im sick of hearing some guy whining about his condition when he doesnt even realize why hes not in better condition - it's called a brain, and if you dont have one, I can't help you until you smarten up! Anyhow good luck.