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body fat

While I think that this might be slightly high for the height and weight, what I think that some have failed to realize is that Bruiser is a female. Females tend to carry more bodyfat than males. And, surprising as it may seem, I’ve got two close friends–both of whom are runners–that had bodyfat percentages in the upper 20s! And that was measured via DEXA.

One of Fitness...my friend, skinfold testing need not take height and weight into consideration to determine percentage of fat. Ridiculous as it may seem, Jackson-Pollock equations need only age, ethnicity and gender.

Bruiser...Fear not, young T-Vixen, you're now in good hands. I do suggest that you start browsing/reading through old issues. Heck, you may even teach your boyfriend something. (grin) To borrow a Quality phrase from my good friend Tampa-Terry, you need to "dial in" on your diet. This will be absolutely critical. You don't need protein powders, fancy supplements or the like. You know what? I've got a real great article for you to read by my main man, John Berardi. Check it out, it's called The Winning Formula. It's Quality. That's just the tip of the iceberg. But keep hopes hella high!