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body fat %

I’ve found this interesting and I would like to hear from everyone here:
I was looking for a body fat % chart and found a website that broke the bf down into the following:
for females:
exceptionally lean 10-15
very lean 16-19
lean 20-25
moderate 29-29
overfat 30+
for males:
exceptionally lean 6-10
very lean 11-14
lean 15-18
moderate 19-24
overfat 25+

What do you want to hear from us?

Are you asking why do women have a higher bf % ?

no, i’d just like to know if these are the correct classifications because i heard that “normal” for males is 14-17 and 17-20 for females yet this table states that the “normal” is 20-29 for females and 15-24 for males

I can’t answer your question for you, but I would assume it has to do with the intent of the chart. “Normal” could be seen either as what should be normal or what is normal. Completely different. The average man, statistically, might lie in the 15-24% range, but hopefully the ideal “normal” man should have a lower bf%, and “athletes” even lower.

word. good point jared. i dont consider 11-14 very lean for us. i would say those are all off by one degree for most of our standards. i would say 11-14 is lean and 15-18 moderate.