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Body Fat %


i am 20, 5,10 and weight bout 175-180 lbs

im trying to get 6 pack definition but i dont know how much weight id need to lose to do this?

would losing 8-10 lbs in one month or so be enough to show definition, i used to have a 6pack when i weighed about 160, but then i had less muscle

dont realy wna buy calipers since id just use them once for this, i dont realy care what my % is i just wna see results


Your Gym should be able to do it…enquire about there caliper tests.

hard to know how much without knowing where your starting from… if your 15% or 10% its going to change your goals a lot.

Implement some cardio into your routine and read up on things such as the anabolic diet, or carb cycling.

Why does it matter what your bodyfat % is?

Keep cutting body fat until you’re happy with how you look (6-pack abs). The % doesn’t matter at all. It will take however long it will take from now (point A) till then (point B) regardless.

Pics of you and a shoe for reference

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
Pics of you and a shoe for reference[/quote]

How can I forget to mention this. Good point sir.