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Body Fat


what is a good way to get body fat % down while still building muscle ??


Celan diet with low carbs and high protein.


Don't google celan, pretty sure he meant 'clean'.


7 years of lurking and that's my first post. :chuckle:


Every solution is going to be specific. So how about some more information. Like:
Approx. Current Bodyfat
Training experience
What weight you lift in squat, bench and deadlift?
Current training program

Lastly what are your goals? e.g. I wanna be X lbs at Y% body-fat. If you give out this information we will be able to give you a more helpful response.

Also read the stickies in the Beginner's Forum if you haven't already. These are the 1st 4 posts in the Beginners forum.


oops. thanks