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Body Fat Testing

Quick question …

Any type of body fat testers that are reliable and recommended???

or methods…??


I was thinking the same thing. Any sports stores sell them cheaply? Get what you pay for?

online sites? please don’t search for me, i have fingers to type, just curious if they’re cheaper online or not.

The Fat-Track calipers from Accufitness are easy to use, and consistant. I don’t know how accurate they are, as far as being compared to other methods, but they are consistant. So, if you’re not too worried about how you stack up with the rest of the world and just want to track progress, they’re cheap and easy.

try going to radioshack.ca there is a handheld one I got there for around $69 CAN. I have been doing bf testing for around 4 years and I pick this one up to give it a try and it was within .3 to .5 of my testings everytime. This makes daily tracking very easy.

Just make sure you input all your data, if you use the guest mode it is not as good.

Good luck.

It’s hard to say how accurate any form or BF testing is. But if done exactly the same way each time it will be reliable. There is a difference b/w accuracy and reliability and the main thing is to record your progress. Personally I go w/ calipers ‘cuz you can see the changes that are (or are not) taking place at each site. Those scales & hand held things seem to have some disadvantages. Awhile back there was an article written that tells us why the caliper is the best method used. Do a search if intertested…I think it is called somin’ like Body Fat Testing for Beginners. (Part I and II)



I was looking at one of those scales in a store yesterday. You know the ones… that give you your weight and bf %?

Got to reading the small print and if you have a resting heart rate of 60bpm, it won’t work for ya’.

Nice to know, eh?

Not sure how accurate they are anyhow, but thought I’d share that in case anyone was runnin’ out to get one or thinking of picking one up.


Yah after reading the article the scale seems pretty reliable …if follow the tips given…

and dont need 3rd person…
wonder why it seems like not many pple use it…

I use the Accu-trac II digital caliper. It was T-Jacked here about 2 weeks after I bought them. They seem to work well, provided you are consistent in your sites.

I think any home version of BF testing is going to be for tracking progress only - as it is near impossible to get a true BF reading.