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Body Fat Testing

I have been looking for a place to get my body fat tested but to no avail. After I got tested by the jokers in my gym and went from a supposed 14% to 8% percent with little weight change, I have lost most of my faith with the people who were doing it. I have done searches on google and yellow pages under health testing, body fat testing, body testing etc, all of which turn up zero results. I live in Northern NJ. Any one have any idea about a good reliable place to get it tested, or a better way for me to search at the very least. Thanks

With minimal expenditure, you can measure at home by yourself or with a friend. I sound like a commercial. Anyway, start here (it links back to the first part):


Yeah, I already have the cheap home caliper from netrition, but I dont trust myself, and while I do that once or twice a week to monitor, I would like an truly accurate measurement from a professional just to ensure that mine is somewhere near the mark.

There is one called the Accumeasure Fat Track that looks pretty cool. I’m going to order one tomorrow probably. It was tested to be within 1.1% of water testing which is the best way apparently and to match the Lange calipers. You can self test with it (its designed for this) and it stores previous values so you can gauge progress. It reads your site and computes the percentage for you; no dicking around with a calculator and a formula. Its about $45 from what I have seen at various online sites. Just search Google for Accumeasure Fat Track or Accumeasure Body Fat.

Have one of those too…it broke within a month/ month and half. And there is still my user error involved in the testing.

Any universities with a good Exercise Science program close to where yo ulive? If so, that’d be the place to go

Good call on that. I searched for anything like that in the area, and foudn a Exersize and Nutrition Dept at a nearby college, but the problem is they only do the testing (hydrostatic) as part of a battery of tests to measure athletic performance, and the battery of tests is wayyyyyyyyyyy too expensive, so I am back to square one.
Anyone else have any ideas? There have got to be people from Northern NJ out there

I’m from northern New Jersey! WASSUP! I went to high school in Montville, class of 97! :slight_smile:

No info on bodyfat testing tho :frowning:

first off, why do you have to know so bad? it doesnt matter anyway because different formulas are going to give you different absolute answers. and if you went to that university and told them that you only wanted someone to use the calipers on you then im sure they would do it and hopefully for free. If not drive down to columbus ga and ill do it for free.