Body fat testers

Does anyone have any thoughts on electronic body fat testers? Not the ones that you hold but the ones you actually stand on like a scale. I tried one and it didn’t seem accurate.

I’ve covered this question in previous posts. Use the search engine here on the forum and type in these two titles “Jason N.: More On Impedence Devices” and “Why you don’t like your body comp numbers”. That should bring up those threads. You could also do a search using my name Jason N. and scroll down to find those threads.

Yeah, its called bioelectrical impedence, muscle has water in it, fat does not, so the kind you stand on (by the way you have to be bear foot)runs an electrical current (very mild, you wont feal it) through your body. The computer can tell how easily it passed through your tissue, then equates that to bf%. I have done it before and it was accurate, however things like dehydration and over hydration can effect it…overall, just save your money and get a some good callipers, then learn how to use them. If ya have any ?'s just e-mail me.

I have a Tanita and have been using it since January. I use it as a tool to monitor my progress. I measure myself in the morning and before I go to bed. The results differ from both the daily readings and from day to day but there is an over trend that seems accurate. I have my BF assessed by a trainer periodically using the calipers and this is in line with my BIA scale.