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Body Fat Scales

Sam’s Club has Taylor Body Fat Scales. Anybody know if they work reasonably accurately?

Do they use BIA? I have such a scale, albeit made by a different manufacturer. In my case, the measurements depend strongly on hydration level (after a few rounds in the sauna, body fat is displayed as higher than my normal value, after drinking a few glasses of water, it is back to or below average). I’m no expert with this stuff, but I would definitely take the reading with a grain of salt.

Yes, it does use BIA. It also displays the hydration level but doesn’t explain what the hydration level is supposed to be.
I don’t necessarily care if it is 100% accuate as long as it is consistant so progress can accurately be measured. My wife is looking for an easy way to measure her progress.

There is an article about various methods of measuring bodyfat on T-Nation somewhere; however I do remember that the author said BMI measurements weren’t very acurate, he said that if you do use them take the measurement for 5 days straight and record the mean average then repeat the next month. This will tell you if you’re gaining or losing bodyfat but don’t take too much notice of the actual figure.

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