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Body Fat Question, Time for HOT-ROX?

Hey guys just a quick body fat question. I have been dieting and doing cardio while lifting for the past two months ( Ive been lifting for about 2.5 yrs just got strict on the diet and cardio) I went from about 212 to now 185lbs (6’2). I just tested my body fat today and im at 11%. I think I need to be down around 7% to get the Lean look I want.

Should I try a fat burner like HOT-ROX now for the last 4% or am I still a little to early for that. I am also worried about losing too much muscle and looking more skinny than lean.

Also Im a beginner so Im not sure what BF range I should be in. Could you guys give some input as to how good/bad 11% is and if 7% is a good target.

Work out routine.
Heavy lifting 4 days a week
Cardio for 30-40-mins 3-4 days a week
Diet has been pretty strict for about 2 months.

I’ve been cutting and started taking HOT-ROX a little under a month ago. I just want the fat off of me as fast as possible, without any muscle or strength loss. I ordered some creatine the other day, and have been taking bcaas pre/post workout and added Surge recently.

I don’t see anything wrong with taking HOT-ROX for the last 4%. They’re expensive but I would say you’re lean enough to benefit from them. I don’t know how much they will effect the fat loss, but every little bit helps.

I’m probably a little over 15% now although I’m not sure, and if Tanita ever spits 12% at me I will be a happy man. I think its more of a preference and depends on your goals, bodybuilder vs strength athlete, but personally I would like to be able to maintain between 8-12% bf year round.

If you’re in it for aesthetics, 7% is probably a good goal to aim for, but I would use how you look in the mirror/pictures as your main feedback.

Whats your diet like by the way.

You dropped 27lbs in eight weeks?

HOT-ROX is useful at any point on a cut.

BF% is personal preference. It’s easier to score chicks when you’re lean. It’s easier to put on muscle when you’re 10-15%.

It’s easier to score chicks when you’re lean. It’s easier to put on muscle when you’re 10-15%.

Decisions Decisions :wink:

Yeah I dropped 27lbs in about 8-10 weeks. I think alot of it was out cut out all the late night drinking!! but my diet was terrible too before the last 8-10 weeks. I also started the cardio during this time for 30-40 mins 4 times a week. Before I dropped the lbs’s I just lifted pretty heavy and didnt do any cardio.

As for my diet I eat oatmeal, low fat yogurt, or some fruit with breakfast.

Mid morn snack; Fruit, smoothie or PB sandwhich with low fat PB and 1 slice wheat bread.

Lunch: PB or Turkey sandwhich no mayo or cheese.

Mid day snack: Usually protein shake or fruit.

Then Work out

Dinner I mix up a lot but usually something consisting of chicken.

You and I are about in the same boat, as far as weight drop. On feb 18 when I joined my new gym I weighed in at 223lb, yesterday I weighed in at 183lb. Even after the weight loss I still look a bit flabby in the gut, arms lack definition, but legs look cut.

I eat healthy about 1600cal a day, but the flab just sticks. I ordered a month supply of the stuff in the velocity diet, I am going to give it a shot for the month and see how it works for me.

I have no grand plans of becoming a pro body builder, I just want to look good and drop the flab that developed from being a deskjockey engineer.

Yeah I am hoping the HOT-ROX does the trick just hope I still get a lean look and not a skinny look! Im kind of a rookie when it comes to this stuff but im thinking if I up my protein while on HOT-ROX I wont lose as much muscle.

Ive found it to be very hard to manage fat loss while trying get good muscle gains and definition. I would love to get some input from the vets on the best way to manage fat loss while trying to keep on muscle gains that you work so hard to achieve.