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Body Fat Percentage


Hey guys,

I'm a boxer and I'm trying to set myself a bodyfat percentage goal.

Obviously it's impossible to KNOW without measuring but what percentage would you 'guesstimate' this guy's body fat percentage?:


Thanks guys. I'm asking in this forum because I'm confident that I'll be able to get the more realistic responses seeing as this is the advanced forum.

Many thanks!


Andre Dirrell, super middleweight.


This is the advanced forum? This is the forum for retarded posts like this.

Who gives a shit what his bodyfat is? Why not train hard, look in the mirror, and if you can't see some abs realize you're probably carrying a bit of fat that isn't helping you in the ring. In the lower weight classes it'll behoove you to obviously be as lean as possible while being as strong as possible. Setting a "bodyfat" goal based on someone else is idiotic. Measure you're own bodyfat, track it as it goes down and if your strength or performance tanks realize you're not doing it right and reassess what you could do better.


Why don't you phrase your goal as "get as defined ripped hawt abz as this guy" instead of "guetting the same guesstimated bodyfat percentage as the guesstimated bodyfat percentage of this guy"?


So it's alright for bodybuilders to have a certain 'look' in their mind that they want to achieve but as soon as another athlete has a similar goal it's something to laugh at? :S


haha, nah it's cool if you have your own goals especially if fighting is what you are most passionate about.
not everyone wants to be big as fuck,..........why though? i dunno because being huge looks awesome.


Boxing is my life. I have huge respect for bodybuilding and that's why I've come here to ask for your opinions on something that I assumed you were more or less experts in.


Likely about 8% body fat. Obviously this is based on how he alone stores body fat because I have seen people who looked about that lean at close to 10%.

I will say as far as performance and getting better, few people can remain that lean and continue to make significant progress building muscle at the same time.


8 percent is what I would have guessed at. Is that amountof leanness practical to maintain for an amateur athlete who trains consistently? He's a pro and at the pre-fight weigh-in so obviously he can prepare to peak for that moment int time. Is it reasonable to maintain that when not aiming to add any more muscle but rather looking to maintain?

Thanks man.


No, for most that would not be reasonable. Those are his personal genetics. I also doubt you will ever see him much bigger while remaining that lean even if he leans down later on.

I grew up boxing. Your "look" wasn't exactly taking priority over your performance and conditioning. We aren't all made the same...and yeah, it is way more likely that most people would find maintaining that and performing at peak level consistently to possibly be added stress.


No way.

These guys train to make weight, not to have an exceptionally low bodyfat.

Andre Dirrell is 6'2" and weighs in at 168 the night before the fight. Like most fighters, he's most likely not only dieted down over the course of camp, but also dehydrated himself over the course of the hours before the weigh in, which tend to happen in the afternoon.

By the time of the fight, its likely that he's going to rehydrate and come into the ring at least 176-180 lbs.

If boxing is really your life, don't worry about walking around at super low bodyfat, worry about improving your skills, doing your roadwork, and making whatever weight you set out to make.


No it's not something to laugh at, but you just made a goal with 2 pretty large inaccuracies built in when you could have just said "I want to look like this guy", which I think is what you really want.

If we say he's 8-10%, then what? You waste a bunch of money on calipers, an underwater scan or one of those electronic thingies to find out what your bodyfat percentage is. Do you stop just because you get a number in your hand? Or do you stop when you look like you want to look?

I mean no disrespect and I'm sorry for not answering your question, but a number doesn't say much about how you look and I find it kind of pointless to base a goal on that. Good luck reaching your goals!


...you asked the question on a bodybuilding forum....




How come nobody has photoshopped a shoe into that pic yet?


the guy has the chest of a holocaust survivor. As for maintaining single digit BF %, i beg to differ. A disciplined diet and workout routine are plenty adequate for keeping body fat levels that low. takes dedication and will power. I would guess i'm around 10% BF and have been that way for at least a year, while gaining about 6lbs.


You seem to be completely misunderstanding what was written....which seems to be a running theme on this website.

I mean, seriously, if you guys show the same at school, I am seriously doubting how well many here are doing in classes.

Also, you are in the prime of your life and are nowhere near some genetic limit of size gained. I would expect you could gain more than 6lbs in a full year.

But please, go ahead and miss that hormonal once in a life time chance to maximize gains by limiting things to that degree.

I would expect a serious vet of more than 5-10 years to be happy with 6lbs, not a beginner to intermediate lifter with goal of extreme development.

Then again, I don't know your specific goals.

What was written before was someone gaining OPTIMALLY while remaining that lean.

Also "@ 10% body fat" is NOT "8%" body fat.


As for school, 3.62 Finance major at Cal Poly-SLO, i'm doing okay :slight_smile:

it was actually about 7 months, where i went from 187 to 195, a decent gain. I prefer to make gradual gains that i can maintain without insane caloric surpluses, monotonous cardio, etc.

The idea of "optimal" does come down to "your specific goals". For me, i am gaining optimally.


Just fyi, this dude said nothing about gaining muscle, he was just asking about bodyfat.

Although I understand X's propensity to argue about anything at anytime, there's really no reason for this discussion you guys are having, at least in relation to this thread.