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Body Fat Percentage Markers for Men

I am trying to get my markers in order. Thoughts on this?

Obviously genetics and muscle mass can play huge roles.

I tend to think 15%+ and less than 11% are more universal rules for the most part and the genetics and muscle mass play the largest role of variance in the 11-15% range.

For women I am clueless but it doesn’t matter much for me either haha. If I had to give an opinion it would be to add 10-15% to the BF% and a lot of the same markers apply.

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18%: Big, round and beautiful


Tbh lighting is most importantest factor. Fluffy as I may be lighting turns me into a full shredded striated dry vascular IFBB looking mf

How honest should the lighting be when using your fancy chart?

Same here. When there is absolutely zero light, I could stand next to someone about to step onto the Olympia stage and you wouldn’t be able to tell us apart. :goodnews:


Bumping this for anybody to give an opinion on accuracy?